Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Article Released : Ter'angreal and Allied Items

A new article is now available in the Reference Library: Ter'angreal and Allied Items

Written by Linda in 2005 and originally published in the FAQ section of Wotmania, it now enters the Thirteenth Repository in a revised edition. This article offers a complete catalogue of the ter'angreal described in the series, as well as comprehensive general entries about all sort of issues related to these devices: Their making, the Talents involved, security measures various characters have put in place to protect their collections or caches of ter'angreal, as well all many issues related to specific items, like the Accepted Test and the sul'dam and damane culture of Seanchan. Several 'Allied Items' are also discussed, notably the Portal Stones and the Ogier's Book of Translation.

The topics covered by the article as well as all the individual entries are also searchable through our index. The main entry for Ter'angreal can be found here.

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