Monday, December 30, 2002


A Listing of Various Theories by Subject

On the A'dam:

On the Aelfinn/Eelfinn:

On the Aiel and the Way of the Leaf:

On A Memory of Life Predictions:

On Asmodean:

On Aviendha:

On Berelain:

On Cadsuane:

On Caemlyn:

On Cuendillar:

On Demandred:

On Egwene:

On Mat:

On the Ogier:

On Perrin:

On Rand:

On the Red Ajah:

On the Seanchan Attack on the White Tower:

On the Seanchan Forces Travelling by the Ways to the Mainland:

On Taim:

On Verin:


TheProphetoftheLordDragon said...

Can't. Friggin. Wait! Great theories. The ones about Mat really getting me pumped!

Linda said...


Anonymous said...

Awesome theories i hope more will come!

Can't wait on the Gathering Storm (still hope they will change the cover)!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda said...

Thanks! I have a couple more I'm working on.

Mik said...

Hello secret librarians,

I've been fleshing out a few theories of my own for a very -very- long time now. I'm still working on them, but I was wondering if it would be possible to add them to this great initiative.

I very much like the way you guys look at the Wheel and what and how you choose to write about it.
I'd love to add my two cents here, if you'll let me.

Let me know?

Dominic said...

Hi Mik!

Thanks for the comments! Glad to have grabbed your interest.

We've had indeed a few demands lately to host theories and TGS predictions from readers and friends. Some of our old friends from Wotmania (that is closing on the 31st to reopen under a new name/new concept) have asked us if we'd host some of their theories from the Theory Post, notably.

That's an interesting idea. For theories, we're working now on deciding exactly how best handle this, and as soon as we've made up our minds we'll set it up. Stay tuned, the details should come in the next few days.

For TGS predictions (ours and readers'), we already had something in mind. It will start next week - probably - and the details are forthcoming too. :)

Mik said...

Hey Dom,

You guys grabbed my interest years ago and never lost it. So it doesn't matter if you post your magic over at Wotmania or here. I'll be reading it! :)

In my opinion, this place has the best of Wotmania & Dragonmount combined. The post quality & open-mindedness/ friendly feel of Wotmania + the good Fantasy-looks of Dragonmount)
You guys set the bar mighty, mighty high and I'm really loving it!

With the Storm Gathering on the horizon, I'd really like to share my thoughts and do my part.

And preferably, I'd like to add my work to a place where -I think- those posts would fit in just perfectly. (Ofcourse, that's just my take, but you guys should be the real judge, I think)

I'm looking forward to what you guys come up with Theory and/or prediction-wise.
I hope I can help with adding decent content, if you'll have me..


Graydon226 said...

This isn't really a comment but a random post/theory and it uses theories that i heard/read about on other WOT sites like this one. I believe Ishmael/Moridin is a lot older than everyone thinks. Reading through the books, he seems to pop up in the age of legends but all they say about him before he turns to the shadow is that he is a reknowned philosopher of his time and he seems to have a personal connection to Lews Therin almost from the start. So, my theory is that Lews Therin Telamon, Rand Al'Thor and Elan Morin Tedronai are are the same soul. I believe that in a lost age, The Dark One was able to turn The Dragon of that age to his side, but that this evil dragon was sealed inside the Dark One's prison with him, only to be freed when lanfear and her associates bored the hole in said prison. As a result of being sealed outside of time, the wheel had to compensate by reincarnating his soul. This would explain why all 3 are equal in the one power, why moridin gets sick at the same time
Rand does, Why ishmael was always able to find Rand and Lews Therin, Why Ishmael/moridin tries his hardest to corrupt and turn Rand rather than just kill him, And it would explain who that third person inside Rand and lews therin's head is. It is Moridin, The pre-Lews Therin Dragon. And since it is moridin they are seeing in their heads, Lews therin would not recognize him. either that or LTT's just too insane to realize that he knows him. Think on this then re-read the prologue to the eye of the world. Anyways, i'm more than willing to let anyone who wants to and can, to poke holes in my theory.

Anonymous said...

Hey Linda,

I posted this over on RAFO, and someone suggested shooting it over to you...

Have any thoughts?

MattC said...

I also have a Theory I would like to post here. regarding the refernce to "the three will become one" I've read some of the other theories posted and I have 1 that has not yet been posted and discussed but which I believe has merit.

the 3 being Rand Al Thor. Moridin/Ishamael, and Mordeth, aka Padan Fain.
the reason I suspect that these are the 3 in the Prophecies is complicated.

I dont mean the 3 people physicaly. but through thier seperate but equal powers, Moridn with the true power, Rand with the 1 power and Mordeth/Fain with his corrupted power.
the theory is that the 3 powers will be required for the final conflict and since any attempt to touch the dark one with the 1 power will corrupt the attack causing it to fail, however Fain's power can touch and oppose the Dark one's true power without being corrupted, in fact as was shown with the cleansing of Saidin that the 2 powers are in fact equal but opposite. It will be needed. but Rand will also need to set that power against the dark one somehow, while buffering himself and those with him against any possible backlash.
as I said.. complicated, but does have some merit.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoy your theory's and the thought and backing for them, I wish I had the time and ability to flesh out theoris as the posters here do. One I have not sen mentioned since ToM Is the effect of Aiel WO as Damnae. Somehow I do not see them as being good damnae.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous yeah. with their ability to withstand pain bred into them. I was wondering if they could break the link if the suldam tried to hard to pass emotion and pain through! The ultimate reward to Aiel stubbornness. lol

jtodd said...

I have actually considered the same concept as graydon226.