Saturday, December 28, 2002


Note: The articles without a hyperlink are forthcoming.

The Aes Sedai

The Nations


The Shadow


Wheel of Time Science and Philosophy


Into the Future

The Wheel of Time Games

Main Character Parallels

The Forsaken and their Parallels

Names Parallels

Creatures Parallels


Anonymous said...


Just stopped in at Wotmania (yes I still do that from time to time ;) and read your post about this new blog of yours and Dominic's. Fantastic! Haven't explored it yet, but just thought I'd say, since you're moving your works from Wot to here, please feel free to move the little FAQs I wrote and you edited/helped me with here as well. Haven't actually checked the FAQs section at WOT in quite some time (bad girl, bad girl!), but whatever's been done to what I contributed (if they're still there anyway), in the way of editing, additions, etc., is fine. Bring'em here if you want, and if not, that's okay to!

Good luck to you guys, and I'll be checking back...

Marcia (aka MJJ Sedai, currently at jonesandsmith"at"

Linda said...

I'm very glad you'll drop by again - hopefully often! I emailed you too. I intend to bring your stuff here and the only changes I'm making is to add pics to some. It's one of the fun things about the blog. Your Arthurian essays are just so good!

Dominic said...

I'm so happy you've found us! We were talking about you again only just last week, how we miss you and hoped to see you around before the WMB closes down.

And of course we will host your essays. :)

The Arthurian essays are slated for mid summer (because of all the work still to do to enter their content in the topical index), but look for "Pillowfriends" to appear really soon as it's one of the next in the queue (it's still so timely... I saw threads denying fiercely Moiraine and Siuan were lovers even just last week).

Terez said...

Well, that assertion is easy enough to kill - just a little blog quote.

On the non-WoT board at Theoryland, we've been discussing the possibility that the pillow friend phenomenon has spread to the Black Tower, especially among Taim and his cronies, who remain mostly sequestered from the village women. :D

Linda said...

Terez: that could well be so. The Asha'man are like the Nazi SS troops. Homosexuality was prevalent among the Nazi SA leadership at least and this was used as part of the justification by Hitler co for executing them and subsuming the SA into the SS.

Ben from Portalstones said...

So happy to have found your blog! I found the link on Portalstones, and it's nice to have these resources still in place. Funny that WoTmania is going away -you'd think that interest in these sites will have a resurgence when AMoL comes out...

Dominic said...

Hi Ben and thanks for the comments.

Wotmania is going away (or changing name and vocation) because its owner has a very busy life and his interest in the series has long declined. He kept the site going nonetheless for years, but he's reached the point when he wants to move on. There are talks to move the community to a new SF & Fantasy site, with a WOT section. But we've preferred for ourselves to move on. Other admins from the WOT section will bring their stuff elsewhere, like WOT Wikis. I doubt anything will get lost, in the end. :)

Anonymous said...

You may want to correct the link for Min's Viewing. It currently links to Egwene's Dreams.

Love reading all the articles. They are awesome!