Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Article Released : Pillow friends

A new article is now available in the Reference Library: Everything you ever wanted to know about Pillow Friends

This article had its genesis in the neverending debates on the Wotmania Message Boards following the release of New Spring the Novel, in which we learned Moiraine and Siuan were once pillow friends, and whether this meant they were lovers.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pillow Friends was our good friend Marcia's (known as MJJ Sedai to Wotmania old timers) answer to this burning question, carefully researched yet written with a good dose of her legendary sense of humour. In the end, we even managed to get a confirmation of Marcia's insights from Robert Jordan himself, who had started at the time answering on his new Blog questions we were discussing on the Wotmania message boards (and if anything, his answer was even funnier and 'politically incorrect' than Marcia's - which is not a little feat!). Ah.... those were the days. We're happy, if a bit touched by nostalgia, to re publish this article in the Thirteenth Depository's Library, with Marcia's blessing.

The topics from this article have also been indexed.

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