Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Reference Library Updates : Who is a Darkfriend? - link added

By Linda

The article in the Reference Library on
Who is a Darkfriend
has now been updated with information from The Gathering Storm.

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The newly identified Darkfriends are almost all Aes Sedai, apart from Verin’s Warder.

Below is an analysis of Darkfriend deaths:

An End to Darkfriends

Being a Darkfriend is a capital offence, and many have died after being exposed. Few Darkfriends renounce the Dark, even those tempted to usually fear the Shadow’s retribution too much to do so. They could also still expect stiff punishments from those who walk in the Light for their crimes, possibly even execution.

There have been 116 Darkfriend deaths so far in the series:

Killed by accident – Comar, Gode, Madic, Rochaid
Killed in a duel – Cowin Gemallen, Ishamael, Rahvin, Ryne Venamar, Semirhage (though it could be described as self-defence), Toram Riatin
Killed by another Darkfriend – Amico, Carridin, Barthanes, Kadere, Isendre, Ispan, Jarna, Joiya, Osan’gar
Killed by Fain/Mordeth - Changu, Gedwyn, Kisman, Nidao, Torval
Killed by another powerful ‘being’ – Balthamel, Lanfear, Sammael
Ambushed – Asmodean, Be’lal, Graendal?
Killed in a fight/battle – Adden, Asne, Coke, Spar, Vane, Zaired Elbar
Killed in self-defence – Melindhra, Merean
Killed in revenge - Careane
Executed – Elza Penfell, Jen/Torwyn Barshaw, Moria Karentanis, Paitr Conel, Sheriam Byanar, over 50 other Black sisters
Self-destructed by overuse of the Power - Aginor
Repented and sacrificed self – Ingtar, Tomas, Verin

Most of the Darkfriends’ deaths are banal, not “noble”, in keeping with Jordan’s uncompromising stance against evil and refusal to either glorify it or excuse it.

Other Darkfriends have been enslaved. Five known so far:

Galina, Liandrin
Cyndane, Moghedien

Plus an unknown number of Black sisters collared as damane by the Seanchan


Goldennail said...

I totally forgot who Paitr Conel was, wasn't he the little boy who tried to help Morgase escape?

Very nice artical!

Tim said...

Yep. Mat and Rand also ran into him on the way to Caemlyn in EotW, but all he did then was talk to them then run off.

Anonymous said...

What about Talene, Green Sitter in the tower?

Linda said...

She's not dead as far as we know. She fled the Tower in Knife of Dreams.

Anonymous said...

Bel'al wasn't ambushed. Moiraine called out to him and he had time to evilly sneer and monologue at her.

I am also not sure where the difference between self-defence and duel classification lies.