Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Article Released about Verin

By Linda

As I posted a couple of days ago, I have written a completely new article on Verin and her reporting of her espionage activities. It's now published in the Thirteenth Depository Reference Library ahead of the Towers of Midnight updates of older library articles.

Warning: Even the title contains major Towers of Midnight spoilers.

The article concludes with a real world parallel to Verin I researched some years ago but have not written up until now.


Anonymous said...


i have a few questions...

but first of all, this site is AMAZING !!! GREAT WORK !!

Any thoughts on how Mesaana escaped the Purge of the Black Ajah ?

and which Ajah would you join Linda Sedai ?
Me for the Blue :-)

Anonymous said...

btw I have not read Towers of Midnight yet ;( darn exams ;(....
looking forward to it though :))


Linda said...

Thanks Jayanth, I'm glad you like it. :)

Towers of Midnight goes into how Mesaana escaped the purge.

Jack said...

Linda would totally be the Head of the Brown Ajah.

Anonymous said...

Personally I think so too, Jack... I mean, just look at this blog !!

But Linda, do tell us which Ajah you would choose, wouldn't you ? :)

Linda said...

LOL Thanks for the comments all.

Marcia said...

Jack's right; Linda is most definitely head of the Brown Ajah Council in this turning of the Wheel.

It should be intuitively obvious to the most casual observer ;) Linda is just being a 'sneaky Verin' by not stating it outright ;p