Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Theory Posted

By Linda

I’ve decided to start a new section in Theory Corner on general predictions for the last book, A Memory of Light. (Although I guess almost every theory now looks to the final book for its resolution.)

First up are the ideas of a poster named sign - A Persective on AMOL. It contains spoilers for Towers of Midnight.

I’m busy right now with preparations for JordanCon (in Atlanta in April) and then WorldCon 2011 (August in Reno), but later this year I will post my own predictions.

For those who’d like to have their predictions posted on the blog in this way, or any other interesting and well-supported theory, please write them up in either dot point memo style or as a formal theory (as sign’s is) and send them to me in a message on The Thirteenth Depository Forums. Please also feel free to try out your ideas first on the Forums. The more discussion and editing, the better a theory is!

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