Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two Weeks until JordanCon 2011!

By Linda

In a couple of weeks’ time, at JordanCon 2011 in Atlanta, I will be demonstrating metal thread and purl (coils of metal wire) embroidery for costuming. My contemporary embroidery "Tree of Life" (Yep, it's Avendesora as World Tree!) shows metal purls. Such decoration was for high status clothing which is why Rand’s clothes are almost exclusively embroidered in metal thread rather than silk or wool (see Rand's coat sleeve embroidery).

Using a blademaster’s heron motif as an example, I’ll show how to prepare the fabric, how to use the metal threads and purls and the stitches and effects that are made with them. The motif is about 3 inches high.

I will supply the metal threads and purls and have spares of a few other requirements icluding fabric. If you are going to the Con and are interested in joining me, bring:

  • A 15” square of medium weight fabric basted onto the same size calico square, choose and buy your fabric in a solid colour that you like and that would look good with the metal on it,

  • 8” embroidery hoop,

  • a reel of Guterman sewing thread #968 for gold or #8 (pale grey) for silver depending on which metal you chose (or a similar brand, the idea is to have matching thread for the metal),

  • Embroidery or craft scissors,

  • Fine embroidery needles (eg size 10)

  • Thick darning needle.

I can email a scan of the heron motif to be traced on before class. Just comment below if you wish me to send you one.

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Unknown said...

Hey, I'm excited about doing this, but I can't find a place anywhere near me to get the thread. Can I buy one from you? I think I prefer the silver color! Also, can you email me the scan? Thanks!
Angela Word