Tuesday, April 5, 2011

JordanCon 2011 panels - a couple to whet your appetite!

By Linda

Here are fuller descriptions of two of the Wheel of Time panels at JordanCon 2011 Atlanta from April 15th-17th.

Black Tower and Red Blood

Bullying, cronyism, impenetrable barriers, mysterious disappearances and even more mysterious identities: it’s all happening at the Black Tower. Who is Taim really? What is going on in his palace? How will the Tower be rent in fire and blood? Come and tell us your theory and hear ours.

The Boom-Boom Panel

Gunpowder itself, matches, early grenades, and mortars have been developed so far. True cannon are just around the corner. What other brilliant things will Aludra invent? What brilliant tactics will Mat use to deploy them? What problems will they face? Will cannon be used against damane as well as Shadowspawn and Dreadlords? Have your say.

Details on JordanCon are here.

Hope to see you there!

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