Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Brandon's Sydney Bookshop Visits

By Linda

Brandon Sanderson visited two bookshops today in Sydney - Kinokuniya, and then the Galaxy, to meet the booksellers and to sign shop stock, plus books of people who happened to be there. I went with my son Mark and we were able to have a short conversation with Brandon. One exciting thing that Brandon told me was that Harriet will read a passage from A Memory of Light at JordanCon!

At the Galaxy Bookshop Brandon signed the Guestbook:

just like another author that we know and love did:

And finally my first photo with Brandon:

Brandon and my son Mark talked Magic for a while, and Mark is currently one of the group playing with Brandon tonight at his hotel.


Anthony said...

Too cool!

So what kind of deck does Brandon favor?

Linda said...

Brandon favours blue and white. As it turned out, my son beat Brandon when they played their pre-prepared decks.

Anthony said...

That's a feather in your son's cap for sure!