Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Essay on Demandred

By Linda

Want to know more about Demandred?

This essay, which was unable to be written before the latest book, or published before this last week, discusses Demandred's character development and the parallels behind his deeds. It is the 9th in the Forsaken and their Parallels series and is available here in the Thirteenth Depository Reference Library, ahead of A Memory of Light updates of the older library articles.

Demandred is an analogue of a few generals, a couple of traitors, and also some mythological figures, some monstrous, some not. And there is the odd gambler.

Warning: there are, of course, spoilers for A Memory of Light.

Here are my other essays on the Forsaken (which have NOT yet been updated for AMOL), for those interested:

The Forsaken and their Parallels


u r not l33t said...

Hi! Is there any way to get this essay without AMoL spoilers? Or at least 'redacted' in some way? I haven't put my grubby hands on AMoL, yet, but would love some info on Demandred as a refresher before he makes his big debut [yes, we all know he features prominently in this last book; kind of a 'duh' since it's the end].


Linda said...

I thought about this, but not really. I had worked out about half his parallels by Winter's Heart, but so much comes from AMOL. He was really held over until the end.

mollie said...

i was an english major in college and never read a scholarly essay about a fantasy book. i love the essay you wrote on demandred! amazing. just amazing.

Neth said...

Looks like you get to revise again.

The WOT short story/deleted chapter in the Unfettered anthology is a Demandred POV.

Linda said...

Ken, I became aware of this halfway through writing the essay. But I went ahead and posted it because it answers people's questions about Demandred and I didn't want to wait 3 more months.