Monday, February 18, 2013

WoT Encyclopedia Q&A with Team Jordan!

Now's your chance to learn more about the upcoming Wheel of Time Encyclopedia!

Waygate Foundation will be hosting a Q&A with Team Jordan, including editor Harriet McDougal and continuity editors Maria Simons and Alan Romanczuk, and want your questions.

Q&A Details:

- Submit your question by commenting on their Facebook post.

- See a question you want answered? Like it! We'll try to answer the most popular questions.

- Questions will be collected via Facebook until Monday, February 25 11:59 PM Eastern US time.

- Answers will be posted on Facebook beginning Monday, March 11 (subject to change based on questions received).

- We'll try to answer as many questions as we can, but be aware that some questions may not be answered due to spoilers or sheer number of questions received.

So far the most popular questions are (in their own words, not mine):

1. What are the three oaths which bind darkfriends?

2. Info about the two outriggers that won’t be published (Tam's life while he was away from The Two Rivers and what led Moiraine and Lan to the Two Rivers)

3. What were Moiraine's questions, answers and wishes to the Aelfinn and Eelfinn, and what was Rand's third question and answer? What were Lanfear's three wishes, or why didn't she get any wishes?

4. How did Tam come to have a heron-mark sword?

5. Did Hawkwing meet with Tuon and if so what words were exchanged?

6. Will there be a list of the prophecies of the dragon and the dark prophecies? Also the other prophecies from the Aiel the atha'an miere?

7. How did Rand light the pipe at the end of MOL? Is he more than a man and a Channeler?
Is he somehow connected more to the pattern than ever before?

8. Who is Nakomi?

9. Descriptions of the Old Tongue and translations?

10. Will the tinkers ever find their song?

Waygate's mission is to support and engage science fiction and fantasy authors and fans in global philanthropic endeavors. Board members include Harriet McDougal, Robert Jordan's cousin/brother Wilson Grooms, and me. Maria Simons is also a director, and the driving force behind the whole thing is Karen Campbell. Waygate's current campaign is called "A Story Begins . . ." and has a goal of raising $10,000 partially for Patrick Rothfuss's Worldbuilders charity—exactly the sort of charitable endeavor that Waygate wants to help other writers and fans become involved in. When the campaign's goal is met, Waygate will share a sneak peek at the forthcoming Wheel of Time Encyclopedia that Team Jordan is hard at work on.


Anonymous said...

Question 4 was answered in ToM. Tam said that he killed a man who needed to be killed, and he was a blade master. He killed him one-on-one, thus earning him the right to wear a heron marked blade. Galad did the same, won and was awarded the heron. It is not stated if it was in the Aiel War or a different war. Tam was in the Illian companions.

Linda said...

I'm pretty surethey are after more detail than that. It is similar to the above question on what Tam did while he was away from the Two Rivers, and other plot from the outrigger novels.

Adam Whitehead said...

I though the 'outriggers' specifically referred to the three books RJ planned to write after the series, at least one of which would be about Mat and Tuon?

These were distinct from the 'prequels', which included New Spring, the Moiraine/Lan book and the Tam al'Thor book. Or so was my understanding.

Anonymous said...

First.. Linda, thanks for this site and insights you've given me.

Now onto business:
I'm not sure that the question about Nakomi will get answered, considering Brandom wasn't allowed to answer that question about the Wheel of Time. (Source: )

@Adam: Yep, that is correct

Linda said...

anon and Adam: I am aware; I've just posted the questions as they were asked.

As for Nakomi, I think this is a reasonable thing to aske for because answering questions about her in the Encyclopedia is different to answering questions at a booksigning. There has to be some new and exciting content in the Encyclopedia. Wny not about Nakomi? Or Verin?

Kristi Deming said...

Here are the 12 questions that I posted (all of them with more likes than any of the ones listed), so I'm wondering why exactly all of mine were ignored? And due to restrictions, I'll have to post them separately apparently!

1. One big question that I've gotten partial answers on (via Brandon, through Brigitte and Rebecca asking him for me): In LoC, ch 21, "To Shadar Logoth", Lews Therin whispers to Rand: "There is darkness here. Blackness blacker than black. If the Dark One chose to live among men, he would choose here" and then "I must kill Demandred" to which Rand responds "Does Demandred have some connection to Shadar Logoth?" And LTT says nothing.
So...does he? Or is it alluding to the possibility that Barid Bel went seeking a way to defeat the Shadow which ended up in corrupting him in the same way Mordeth was corrupted? (And those who know me, don't panic...I only used his Chosen name because that's what the actual text says...)
Tuesday at 6:57pm · Edited · Like · 10

Kristi Deming said...

2. Does the dagger from Shadar Logoth have a name besides Mat's dagger or Fain's dagger? (referring to an AOL interview from so very long ago where someone referred to it as Shadar Mandarb.)
Tuesday at 6:58pm · Like · 10

Kristi Deming said...

3. One that I can't ever get an answer on: How did Thom know Padan Fain? In tEotW, he says he recognized Fain and he scornfully says Fain "is always one to carry bad news quickly, and the worse, the faster. There's more raven in him than man." This implies more than a passing knowledge of the man.
Tuesday at 6:58pm · Like · 10

Kristi Deming said...

4. Did Jain Charin become a servant of the Shadow in part due to Moiraine having Bonded Lan? He must have felt it a huge betrayal, the last Malkieri king submitting to being Bonded after the White Tower failed to help Malkier. Was he the one to train Isam once he became a Darkfriend?
Tuesday at 6:59pm · Like · 11

Kristi Deming said...

5. Did Ishamael/Moridin send "Noal" to Mat to kill him, or because he knew Mat would be going to the Tower of Ghenjei, and wanted "Noal" to kill Moiraine (since he knew that she was alive after collecting Lanfear from the 'Finn.) Reasoning behind the question: In tGH, Moiraine tells Siuan that they are part of the Prophecies, so it would make sense that Ishamael/Moridin would know of Moiraine's future importance (since he's an "expert" on all the various prophecies) and seek to have her killed (the draghkhar attack in tDR, "Noal" going to the ToG as an assassin, etc.)
Tuesday at 6:59pm · Like · 8

Kristi Deming said...

6. James at one point said that Beidomon had been born again and was out and about currently. (I know this was during the time of his Blog, while I was on Wotmania, so it's been impossible for me to find the actual comment.) I always assumed he was Bayle Domon (B.domon), but that seems almost too blatant to me. IS he Bayle, or is he someone else, completely unimportant? (Wouldn't it be working on his Karmic balance, helping Egeanin/Leilwin to help with the Last Battle, to help make up for what he did previously?)
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Kristi Deming said...

7. Who is Tellindal Tirraso? We know she was a clerk LTT killed during a fight with Barid Bel. Why was she so important that she was part of such a vital Prophecy?
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Kristi Deming said...

8. Are there more details available on the "Eighty and One" other than they were Barid Bel's counter to LTT's 100 (113) Companions?
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Kristi Deming said...

9. Just to clear it up, cause I really dislike arguing with people: just to have it out there, in big BOLD letters: Brandon did confirm in his January 2013 Twitter chat that Hopper was "the Broken Wolf, whom Death has known", yes? ("The Broken Wolf was Perrin’s spirit guide.") Because this one aggravates me almost as much as Olver/Gaidal Cain and Taimandred, especially when people insist it was Rodel Ituralde.
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Kristi Deming said...

10. The "vote winner" of the "Be in aMoL" contest were the Two Rivers Bowmen (if memory serves...Jenn Liang stated as much when I asked her, but she wasn't precisely certain) ( Were these the same Two Rivers Bowmen that Tam was specifically leading during the Last Battle? More specifically, were these the same Two Rivers Bowmen who took out all the Shadowspawn blocking Lan's path to Barid Bel?? (Basically, was this unit in part responsible for Lan being able to get to and kill Barid Bel?)
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Kristi Deming said...

11. Barid Bel even thinks of LTT as "his friend" in aMoL. Being born a day apart, I imagine they grew up together much like close cousins would have. How much of LTT's bravado and "jock-like" mentality ("Oh, he can do this huh? Watch ME! I can do it better!") was real, and how much of it was imagined as far as how Barid Bel felt towards him. (I know what's it's like to be constantly pushed aside, nothing you do ever being good enough, and living in the shadow of a glory hound: 15 years of it made me nearly loathe my siblings, I can't imagine living through 400 years of it!)
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Kristi Deming said...

12. By the way, was Bael one of the Aiel Clan Chiefs killed? (that's the one real weak point of the ending for me: the Aiel were treated like this little group off to the side fighting, not worth paying much attention to. The most we really got from them was that they targeted the Samma N'Sei once they discovered what they were, and the Wise Ones helped with Hessalam. The rest of their storyline was so casually dealt with, it made me wonder why so much time was spent developing their identity as a people since tGH (when we meet Urien) if they were going to end up being so minuscule as far as things that mattered. I mean, they get to be a Randland version of the UN, With all the development involved, they deserved better attention.

Kristi Deming said...

(Now you're probably getting the feeling that most of my questions will be about Barid Bel...and you'd be right! While I was thrilled Brandon kept his promise that Barid Bel would be incredible in the Last Battle, I'm still annoyed at the "Act of The Creator" saving of Lan after his "Sheathing the Sword"! While I'm glad that it was Lan who killed him (rather than someone less "worthy" ability-wise), and thrilled that Lan even acknowledged in his head that Barid Bel was the better swordsman, the whole Rand-Reaching-Out-And-Miraculously-Saving-Lan-At-Merillor-While-He-Was-All-The-Way-Up-In-The-Pit-Of-Doom moment was pretty close to a "cop out", and severely annoyed me.

Also, the casual way some of the secondary characters we know and loved were being killed off-handedly spoke more of "rushing" to get everything done rather than doing the characters justice. (Siuan, after everything that she did to save the world, after everything that was taken from her and she STILL kept fighting for Rand, is my big one...BELA'S DEATH got more attention!!! Rhuarc is my other sore point: I was really displeased with the handling of the Aiel Chiefs deaths as it was (it was like "They're dead, so what"), and while I'm glad Aviendha killed him rather than Amys having to, I still think, given the man's strength of will and character, he would have died before submitting to Compulsion. If MORGASE can try to fight off Rahvin unconsciously, Rhuarc should have been able to at least STRUGGLE a little against Graendal. It completely cheapened his character, and he deserved better since he was the one who kept the Aiel strongest on Rand's side (excepting maybe the Wise Ones.) (I figured he was going to be cheated when I begged for a Rhuarc card in the memorial set and was told that Ariel was given a specific list and he wasn't included, but this was just harsh.)

Anyway, I've got a few more days, believe me, I'll come up with more things to ask...)

Kristi Deming said...

And sorry for the spam, but I am seriously irked at the moment...

(As for descriptions of the Old Tongue, I did link in the original post the link to the OT alphabet that was posted in the graphic novel for New Spring...)

Linda said...

Kristy: Unfortunately I don't have the Foretelling, or else I'd have included them in the above article which was posted before you posted them on the Waygate page.

Anonymous said...

According to the The World of Robert Jordan's wheel of time most Aes Sedai knew eachother if only a name. (Graendal had never met Sammael before he swore an oath to the DO) LTT and Demandred competed in the same fields, wrote books on the same subjects, held important offices, even fought over Ilyena. It was just Demandread's "bad luck" he was 2nd best.

Anonymous said...

shoot hit the wrong button before i could finish. So it seems to me to be less like close cousins and more like two jocks trying to one up the other in front of the scouts, or maybe like two office workers trying to get the same promotion just to piss the other guy off.

Kristi Deming said...

A few points to "Anonymous":

1) It's been stated, often, that the BWB was supposed to be taken as written by someone in the Third Age, and that since it was subject to said person's interpretations, there are things in it that are deliberately misleading.

2) In the BWB, it says some of the CHOSEN knew each other if only by name and reputation. Be'lal, LTT, Sammael and Barid Bel were all generals for the Light, so they at least had military experience with one another, because they had to coordinate plans.

3) From statements made by Be'lal, Barid Bel AND LTT, they were extremely familiar with each other (both LTT AND Barid Bel refer to each other as "my friend" in aMoL, and given LTT/Rand's regret at the way he treated Barid Bel (Chap 1 I believe), LTT had an extremely close relationship with Barid Bel (the only Chosen he was closer to was Lanfear.) They were close friends, and operated in the same vein as two best friends where one is always in the limelight while the other is always a step behind in the shadow cast by the other. From LTT/Rand's comment in aMoL, it's clear that LTT actually enjoyed being able to rub Barid Bel's nose in it. LTT/Rand even goes so far as to mention the fact that Barid Bel was the one who deciphered the old books on warfare and was the true master of it. The problem was LTT's ego: Rand, as he told Min in ToM, was "raised better". He was raised to be humble, non-prideful, to care about the harm he caused others. That is why it isn't until after the Epiphany on Dragonmount that Rand is able to think, in all honesty, that he (as LTT) was responsible for Barid Bel's fall because he went out of his way to take any kind of appreciation away from him. Instead of congratulating his successes, LTT turned around and went out of his way to show him up. LTT was like a movie company mogul that finds out a particular studio is releasing what could be a blockbuster, and runs everything to the ground just so he can release something that will overshadow it the day before the other movie comes out. He was all about ego, about being the "Best of the best of the best, with honors, Sir!", and took delight in rubbing it in the noses of those who could compete.

So, close cousins, sibling rivalry, best friends with one always trying to show the other up, whatever you want to call it: LTT was a righteous p@%&k, b*#^*@d, etc (not sure if I'm allowed to use any of the derogatory terms I'd like to) who was in love with his own glory.

4) The "jock" analogy only works with Sammael, since he was in fact a jock.

Kristi Deming said...


My profound apologies. The way it looked on the post that I replied to was that I had posted fairly recently after it had gone up, so I got really irked.
I promise I won't do it again!