Monday, March 11, 2013

A Memory of Light reference article updates begun

After writing three new long articles in the lasst couple of months, I've begun updating the reference articles with all the new information since mid 2012.

The first updated article, on Angreal and Sa'angreal, has had major additions.

Naturally it contains spoilers for A Memory of Light.


Anonymous said...

Can not open your article - the link is broken and opens a Google web page to open a blogging account.

hookedonweaves said...

The link is broken - it opens a google web blogging registration page, and not your article.

Anonymous said...

A link directly to the article until the above link is updated:

Linda said...

My apologies: I've fixed the broken link. Blogger got creative again, sigh.

Much thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous said...

Some thing to add to your updates.

I ran across the "all will be well" quote from Julian of Norwitch in The God Who Weeps and discovered that it starts with the phrase "Sin is behovely", or in other words useful and necessary, a sentiment that fits in very well with the theam of Rand's battle in AMoL, and the whole series.

Linda said...

Thanks, I wrote an article about Julian of Norwich a few months ago here including her thoughts on sin. She is a parallel of one of Rand's Da'shain ancestors.