Monday, September 23, 2013

Four Articles Updated, Including Tuon's Parallels

By Linda

Four articles were updated this week. Three are articles on the Aes Sedai:

The Aes Sedai History: New Era article has a lot of new material discussing the actions of Egwene and the Aes Sedai as a whole in the Last Battle. (The Aes Sedai History from the Breaking to the Hundred Years War did not need updating.)

Aes Sedai Laws and Customs: Administration and Aes Sedai Laws and Customs: Society were also updated. This completes the updates for the Aes Sedai series of articles.

The fourth article updated is the essay on Tuon's parallels. A Memory of Light provided quite a few expansions of her themes and motivations.

As usual, new material is marked in bold.


Hookedonweaves said...

The Tuon Link is broken...

Linda said...

Thanks! I have fixed it. :)