Friday, August 24, 2018

Memory of Light Read-through #48: Chapter 42—Impossibilities

By Linda

Aviendha POV

The Windfinders have lost control of the storm at Thakan’dar, but it’s not all bad. Plants are growing in Thakan’dar as the mountain vibrates. Lightning freezes and clouds form the ancient symbol of Aes Sedai—a symbol that arose in an Age when saidin and saidar were frequently used together. Rand and the Pattern are at least holding back the Shadow’s damage. The rise in fertility hints that Rand is on the verge of winning. Aviendha believes that Rand grew these plants just when she needed the cover and that the thrumming is Rand actively resisting the Dark One.

Rhuarc’s sad end is such a shock to Aviendha, although she quickly realises that he is better off dead than being Graendal’s toy.

Mishraile POV

Alviarin is in command of the Dreadlord group of 3 women (all ex-Whites sticking together) and 4 men. Mishraile is rather like Moghedien in that he is a skulker in the shadows who dislikes fighting in the open.

Pevara’s plan to go to where the dragons are being fired to find the Dreadlords has paid off. The Dreadlords fall for Androl’s disguise as Rand because they think that only Rand could have defeated Demandred. Like Demandred, they have no idea of Rand’s battle at Shayol Ghul. Alviarin is determined to lead the circle of two women and one man that attacks Rand to get credit with the Dark One. The Dreadlords are successfully lured into a stedding by Androl’s Rand faking exhaustion (he didn’t have to try very hard).

Pevara POV

I wonder if the Ogier Elders are over-confident that they can hold the Dreadlords. The situation reminds me of when the Ents were guarding Saruman and Wormtongue at Orthanc in Lord of the Rings. The Ogier think the peace of the Stedding will do the Dreadlords good and won’t violate that peace with any executions.

When Androl’s group leaves the Stedding, they find the Trollocs that Moghedien sent attacking civilians.

Aviendha POV

Aviendha scares Graendal, which takes some doing. She deprives Graendal of her companions by making her Travel with the True Power before she could grab any to take with her. The price was having her feet badly burnt.

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