Tuesday, March 19, 2019

It's Been Ten Years!

By Linda

In mid March 2009, the Thirteenth Depository went public, reposting essays wotmaniacs Linda, Dom, Mar, Peter and Bob wrote for the fan website wotmania, along with a lot of new Wheel of Time commentary.

Ten years, and over 3 million page views later, the blog is still active. Last year I finished a complete read-through of the series, and updated many articles with information from Jordan's notes and the Wheel of Time Companion. My current update is a major re-write of the Eschatology essay--I divided it into 2 (not 3!) and have finished the first half.

A huge thank you to all the readers who have read, commented and encouraged me over the years.


t ball said...

I've been a casual follower of WOT sites since discovering the old rec.arts.sf site in the summer of 1996. I'm not as rabid a fan as some, so I don't remember every little detail of how I ended up bookmarking your site (though I know I followed you here from another site, it all blurs together). I appreciate your diligence and commitment, and your site has helped me keep abreast of the overarching themes. I'm excited about the possibilities of the tv show to come, and I hope you will post some thoughts if you are able to view it.

Linda said...

Thank you! Your appreciation and comments over the years have been in turn appreciated.

Patrick said...

Congrats on 10 years, looking forward to seeing at JordanCon.

Slugga said...

Thank you for your wonderful and tireless work

BritinBeirut said...

Great collection of information and essays.

I'm an old fan of WoT and was looking for information on AoL items that the characters have found that might be items from the modern day.

For example, there's the 'Mercedes Star' that exudes a sense of greed / avarice.

Do you know of any more? I seem to remember a music box....?

Linda said...

Thanks everyone!

The music box was a ter'angreal found in the Ebou Dar cache.

The Panarch's museum had a fossil skeleton of a giraffe, which are apparently no longer extant in the series.