Thursday, November 7, 2019

Final Aes Sedai articles updated--article updates now complete

By Linda

Continuing with updates in the last category of articles, The Aes Sedai, the final five articles have been updated with information from Robert Jordan's notes and interviews. There is a lot of additional information.

Aes Sedai History from the Breaking to the Hundred Years War

Aes Sedai History: New Era

Aes Sedai Laws and Customs: Administration

Aes Sedai Laws and Customs: Society

The Composition and Politics of the Halls 998-1000 NE

This now completes the updates of blog articles.


Amy Taverner said...

All of these updates from RJ's notes are a fascinating look at all the worldbuilding details that never made it into the books. Thank you for all your hard work!

Linda said...

Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed them.

sinande said...


I've been perusing the 13th Depository and various other WoT sites a lot recently, and I have a question I don't think I've seen a clear answer to online, in the Companion or in the novels themselves. I wondered if you guys, as Prime WoT Nerds, had any thoughts (or can point me to the obvious clues I missed :P).

Mixed gender circles. Who can SEE the weaves?

E.g. in a male/female link, if the man leading is using saidar, can he see what he's making? If he's using saidin, can his partner? I think the Cleansing chapter, which was my main in-canon source for the mechanics of mixed-gender circles, is a bit ambiguous, since IIRC the conduit Rand makes "reminds him" of a flower, but it never outright says that he can "see" the shape in the usual sense. If memory serves, the only other reference there to what people in circles can and cannot see is poor Eben's thoughts when he encounters Halima, and sensing what someone else is doing is a very different thing from seeing the work of your *own* circle, in my mind.

I *assume* that linking would allow some perception across gender lines, because in the AoL so much was done with circles, many if not most channellers would have some familiarity with the other half of the Power, and I figured it would be hard to teach someone of the opposite gender your weave for X if they couldn't see the demonstration... but I'd really like a second opinion on this.

(Sorry if this isn't the most appropriate place to post random nerdy One Power questions, I decided the most recent post would be better to comment on than the most relevant one)

Linda said...

I think that the channeller can't see the weaves of the opposite half of the true source. Men never see the glow of saidar around women in the circle with them. The circle lead knows what he or she has woven but only sees their own power threads, the others are an absence.