Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jennifer Liang's turn to publish her non-spoiler advanced review

Yet another of the lucky few who got the chance to read The Gathering Storm early (after Jason from Dragonmount and Melissa from has published her review of the book today.

Jennifer is heading the JordanCon convention (to return next spring with a second edition) and involved with DragonCon as well. She is also currently busy with revamping and bringing up to date Leigh Butler's classic WOT FAQ (not to be mistaken for Wotmania's, the core of which is being gradually republished here, alongside our newer articles and projects) for Dragonmount, where we should see the results of her efforts and her teams' soon.

Jennifer's review that can be read on her JordanCon website is very positive, and completely devoid of any spoiler.

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