Monday, January 17, 2011

Minor Characters

By Linda

For a bit of variety I have decided to resume the Analysis of Minor Characters series starting with Lini.

If you have suggestions for other minor characters I could analyse, please post them in the comments below.


archaeo said...

Melindhra, I think, would be interesting to observe. As far as I know, she's the only Aiel Darkfriend we get to really know in any way, which is interesting in and of itself. She also offers a jumping-off point for a discussion of divided loyalties, which this series spends a great deal of time developing and exploring.

Since female leadership is almost a theme in this series, you might do well with Sharina, Sorilea, and Alise. All three are strong women, and it's interesting to compare their style. A lot of what Jordan thought made for a strong woman can easily be seen in these three.

Bergioyn said...

Aludra would be interesting.

Bergioyn said...

Nevermind the above comment

TyranAmiros said...

I'd love to see Leane and Davram Bashere

Anonymous said...

Rhuarc or Dobraine.

Molly said...

I second the Melindhra suggestion. I also think a general examination of the First Maid/Keeper of the Keys/Seneschal characters would be interesting; almost every nation has them ( even the Aiel, with their roofmistresses). It would be interesting to examine the position(s).

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a Berelain write up in that style, but not sure she is minor enough.

Linda said...

These are good suggestions! Please keep them coming.

As for Berelain, she is analysed in detail in an esssay with Faile. It is currently being updated for ToM.

luvtheedragon said...

Sulin/ Nandera from the maidens.

Selucia from seanchan.

Tam and Cenn Buie from two-rivers.

Elyas and Hopper from the wolfs.

Guaire Amalasan from false dragons.

Furyk Karede and Agelmar Jagad from the great captains.

Elder Haman from the Ogier

Harine from the sea folk.

Min's aunt.

Narishma and Flinn from the Ashaman.

Amy said...

Just a few ideas: Hurin, Selucia, Ituralde, Alliandre, Weiramon, Saerin, Karede, Selande

Linda said...

Wow! These are great ideas! Thanks. :) Quite a few weeks' worth here.

Thorum said...

Merilille would be really great too: from top negociator to Sea Folk ragdoll.

And I'm seconding Tam, Alise, Alliandre and Leane.

Linda said...

I'm really liking these. :) Will definitely do as many as I can.