Friday, January 21, 2011

Reference Library Updates after Towers of Midnight: Faile and Berelain essay updated

By Linda

I've had a heavy workload this week so tonight there is one essay updated with information from Towers of Midnight: Faile and Berelain. There is plenty of new material (shown in bold) to expand on the parallels I found previously. No new parallels though.

I am down to the final 7 articles for updating, but nearly all require major updates - especially the three ta'veren and the Military Forces essays.


tball said...

Thank you for the regular updates, I don't know how you find the time!

uglycat said...

i'll just leave my own echo here: thanks for continuously posting all these great and incredibly detailed articles. :)

Linda said...

Thank you both.

Realistically as my paid work becomes more demanding in the near future, I expect I will have to cut back to posting twice a week rather than three times once the TofM updates are done. There are now 5 articles remaining to be updated: the essays on the 3 ta'veren, Aiel prophecy and Military. Each requires a lot of re-writing.