Saturday, June 1, 2013

Egwene Outfit 2

By Linda

It seems to be a week for Egwene, since here is a description of Egwene’s second outfit.

Once in Falme, Egwne’s previous clothes were burned and she was dressed as a damane in grey. Regarded as not really human, the clothes of a damane are plain, drab and serviceable. Egwene wears dark grey boiled wool shift and petticoat and grey wool jersey stockings and medium grey leather shoes (see photo below).

Her dress of dark grey wool with the neckline cut fairly high and the bodice is lined with hard-wearing black linen. She doesn’t need a belt because she has no possessions to carry. I made her a’dam from two different sized silver earrings and a silver necklace.

Such a contrast to her previous outfit, which is here.


Hookedonweaves said...

High Heels? "Sensible" utility shoes or even sandals perhaps, I would think more likely.

I also imagined their "uniform" to be a light grey, sort of faceless civil servant anonymity!

Needless to say, a great project. Do you plan a Diorama?

Linda said...

The reason why the fabric is dark grey is because this is the colour Jordan specified:

"Two wore plain, dark gray dresses and wide silver collars..."

The Great Hunt, Damane

So light grey would not have been correct.

I was not able to get an earring as wide as I would have liked for Egwene's a'dam collar. I was lucky to get one with a concealed closure that fit her neck. Believe me I searched long enough.

The reason why her shoes have heels is because they fit her feet. Most fashion dolls have feet shaped for heels, very few have flat feet (apart from some Asian BJD dolls). So I chose the plainest, greyest and historically feasible heeled shoes I could find.

No character wears sandals in the series.

Some damane are made to go barefoot, but Min would have remarked if Egwene was treated in this way.

Hookedonweaves said...

Dark grey it is....I must have missed this.

I can not imagine how one would make shoes for a doll. Maybe fashion dolls have boots, but I suppose these would also be high heeled.