Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nynaeve's Wool Shawl

By Linda

A few months ago, a Theorylander friend of mine (Lupusdeusest) remarked that most Aes Sedai shawls were described as having vines embroidered on them, but all the ones she had seen had been decorated with flowers and she wished someone would make one with vines. It so happened that I had bought the materials to make a Yellow Ajah woollen shawl for Nynaeve (her ‘everyday’ Aes Sedai shawl), including the woollen threads for embroidered grape vines. I decided it would be my next WOT embroidery project.

It is made of medium weight yellow wool, all the trimmings are also wool: the flame of Tar Valon stitched in white split back stitch, nestled among the vines in brown whipped chain, vine leaves in green split back and satin stiches, and the grapes in purple French knots. The fringe is hand-knotted in yellow yarn. Since it is unlined, I had to keep the back of the work extra tidy!

Here is a close up of the shawl:

And here it is on Nynaeve.

Nynaeve's previous costume is here.

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