Thursday, February 27, 2014

Perrin and Faile Updated

By Linda

The Perrin essay has extensively updated with examples and discussion from A Memory of Light. There is at least one new parallel for Perrin. He is every bit as complex as Mat, and the essays of both characters are now about the same length, as it happens. Three women now feature in his story arc and they have essays of their own. Lanfear's was updated some time ago. but I also have now updated the Faile and Berelain essay. Quite a lot of material was added to it, especially regarding the Horn and the hospital. The two women share a new parallel.

There is now only one Character essay left to be updated: the largest and most complex of all - Rand.

However, I plan to work on the Fashions article next, since the Con season has commenced.

New material is marked in bold.

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