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As Yet Unfulfilled Prophecies for A Memory of Light

By Linda

There are still quite a few unfulfilled prophecies, some of them quite mysterious and portentous and obviously relating to the Last Battle; others, more minor, may remain unfulfilled. They are divided according to soothsayer.

Prophecies of Dragon (mainland and Seanchan) (see here for full article with discussion and details)

  • The blood of the Dragon Reborn on the rocks of Shayol Ghul will free mankind from the Shadow.

  • His blood on the rocks of Shayol Ghul, washing away the Shadow, sacrifice for man's salvation.

  • What does it mean that he shall bind the nine moons to serve him?

  • “The Prophecies say I have to bind the nine moons to me.”

  • Light is held before the maw of the infinite void, and all that he is can be seized.

  • and the Blade will bind him by twain.

  • For one thing, he [the Dragon Reborn] must kneel to the Crystal Throne before Tarmon Gai'don.

  • He must bow before the Crystal Throne before the Last Battle can begin.

  • The prophecies clearly showed that the Empress would defeat those who served the Shadow, and then she would send the Dragon Reborn in to duel with Lighteater.

  • Aiel Prophecy (see here for full article)

  • “It says we will be changed, and find again what was ours, and was lost.”

  • “Melaine and Bair dreamed of you [Rand] on a boat with three women whose faces they could not see and a scale tilting first one way and then the other.”

  • “Melaine and Amys dreamed of a man standing by your side with a dagger to your throat, but you did not see him.”

  • Dark Prophecy (see here for full article)

  • Graendal and Moridin believe that one of its Prophecies foretells that the Shadow will succeed in killing Perrin. Moridin qualifies this by pointing out that the imagery in prophecies can have more than one interpretation (he wrote a book on Analysis of Perceived Meaning in the Age of Legends). Moreover he chose the prophecy that Graendal read. Earlier in the chapter he told Graendal that she would not succeed in killing Perrin, and he was right. This may have been his opinion or it could be that the details of the prophecy he thinks predicts Perrin’s death are obviously nothing to do with Graendal’s plot.

  • Lo, it shall come upon the world that the prison of the Greatest One shall grow weak, like the limbs of those who crafted it. Once again, His glorious cloak shall smother the Pattern of all things, and the Great Lord shall stretch forth His hand to claim what is His. The rebellious nations shall be laid barren, their children caused to weep. There shall be none but Him, and those who have turned their eyes to His majesty. In that day, when the One-Eyed Fool travels the halls of mourning, and the First Among Vermin lifts his hand to bring freedom to Him who will Destroy, the last days of the Fallen Blacksmith's pride shall come. Yea, and the Broken Wolf, the one whom Death has known, shall fall and be consumed by the Midnight Towers. And his destruction shall bring fear and sorrow to the hearts of men, and shall shake their very will itself.
    And then, shall the Lord of the Evening come. And He shall take our eyes, for our souls shall bow before Him, and He shall take our skin, for our flesh shall serve Him, and He shall take our lips, for only Him will we praise. And the Lord of the Evening shall face the Broken Champion, and shall spill his blood and bring us the Darkness so beautiful. Let the screams begin, O followers of the Shadow. Beg for your destruction!

  • Egwene’s Dreams (see here for full article)

  • There had been a dream of him [Rand] walking down into a great hole in a black mountain, a hole filled with a reddish glare as from vast fires below

  • Him [Rand] walking toward a burning mountain, something crunching beneath his boots. She stirred and whimpered; the crunching things were the seals on the Dark One's prison, shattering with his every step.

  • Rand holding a sword that blazed like the sun, till she could hardly see that it was a sword, could hardly make out that it was him at all.

  • Rand confronting her, and the women with her, and one of them was a Seanchan.

  • Rand in chains, and it was he who was screaming.

  • Several concerned Rand, not all bad, but all odd. Elayne, forcing him to his knees with one hand.

  • Logain, laughing, stepped across something on the ground and mounted a black stone; when she looked down, she thought it was Rand’s body he had stepped over, laid out on a funeral bier with his hands crossed at his breast, but when she touched his face, it broke apart like a puppet.

  • Rand, wearing different masks, until suddenly one of those false faces was no longer a mask, but him.

  • The vision changed. She saw an enormous sphere made of the finest crystal. It sparkled in the light of twenty-three enormous stars, shining down on it where it sat on a dark hilltop. There were cracks in it, and it was being held together by ropes. There was Rand, walking up the hillside, holding a woodsman's axe. He reached the top and hefted the axe, then swung at the ropes one at a time, chopping them free. The last one parted, and the sphere began to break apart, the beautiful globe falling in pieces. Rand shook his head.

  • There had been a dream of Mat and Seanchan, too, but she was willing to dismiss that as a nightmare.

  • Gawyn. Then she was standing in the road in front of him, and he reined in. Not because he saw her, this time, but the road that had been straight now forked right where she stood, running over tall hills so no one could see what lay beyond. She knew, though. Down one fork was his violent death, down the other, a long life and a death in bed. On one path, he would marry her, on the other, not. She knew what lay ahead, but not which way led to which. Suddenly he did see her, or seemed to, and smiled, and turned his horse along one of the forks…

  • A dream of a storm, great dark clouds rolling without wind or rain, while lighting forks, every one identical, rent the earth.

  • A golden hawk stretched out its wing and touched her, and she and the hawk were tied together somehow; all she knew was that the hawk was female.

  • She [Egwene] was struggling up a narrow, rocky path along the face of a towering cliff. Clouds surrounded her, hiding the ground below and the crest above, yet she knew that both were very far away. She had to place her feet very carefully. The path was a cracked ledge barely wide enough for her to stand on with one shoulder pressed against the cliff, a ledge littered with stones as large as her fist that could turn under a misplaced step and send her hurtling over the edge. It almost seemed this was like the dreams of pushing millstones and pulling carts, yet she knew it was a true dream.
    Abruptly, the ledge dropped away from under her with the crack of crumbling stone, and she caught frantically at the cliff, fingers scrabbling to find a hold. Her fingertips slid into a tiny crevice, and her fall stopped with a jolt that wrenched her arms. Feet dangling into the clouds, she listened to the falling stone crash against the cliff until the sound faded to nothing without the stone ever hitting the ground. Dimly, she could see the broken ledge to her left. Ten feet away, it might as well have been a mile off for all the chance she had of reaching it. In the other direction, the mists hid whatever remained of the path, but she thought it had to be farther away still. There was no strength in her arms. She could not pull herself up, only hang there by her fingertips until she fell. The edge of the crevice seemed as sharp as a knife under her fingers.
    Suddenly a woman appeared, clambering down the sheer side of the cliff out of the clouds, making her way as deftly as if she were walking down stairs. There was a sword strapped to her back. Her face wavered, never settling clearly, but the sword seemed as solid as the stone. The woman reached Egwene’s level and held out one hand. “We can reach the top together,” she said in a familiar drawling accent…
    She had dreamed of a Seanchan before, a Seanchan woman somehow tied to her, but this was a Seanchan who would save her.

  • A man lay dying in a narrow bed, and it was important he not die, yet outside a funeral pyre was being built, and voices raised songs of joy and sadness.

  • Everything shook. The room of past and present seemed to shatter, shredding into swirling smoke. Egwene stepped back, gasping, as Gawyn ripped apart as if made of sand. All was dust around her, and thirteen black towers rose in the distance beneath a tarlike sky.
    One fell, and then another, crashing to the ground. As they did, the ones that remained grew taller and taller. The ground shook as several more towers fell.
    Another tower shook and cracked, collapsing most of the way to the ground—but then it recovered and grew tallest of all.
    At the end of the quake, six towers remained, looming above her. Egwene had fallen to the ground, which had become soft earth covered in withered leaves.

  • Foretellings (see here for full article)

  • “The Black Tower will be rent in blood and fire, and sisters will walk its grounds.”

  • "The lion sword, the dedicated spear, she who sees beyond. Three on the boat, and he who is dead yet lives. The great battle done, but the world not done with battle. The land divided by the return, and the guardians balance the servants. The future teeters on the edge of a blade.”

  • “battles with the Seanchan or the Asha’man, the Dragon Reborn doing nine impossible things”

  • Min’s Viewings (see here for full article)

  • “a bloody hand and a white-hot iron, three women standing over a funeral bier with you on it, black rock wet with blood. . .”

  • “Twice he’s [Perrin] going to have to be there, or you…If he’s not, something bad will happen to you. Very bad.”

  • “I saw you [Rand] and another man. I couldn’t make out either face, but I knew one was you. You touched, and seemed to merge into one another, and…” Her mouth tightened worriedly, and she went on in a very small voice.” I don’t know what it means, Rand, except one of you dies, and one doesn’t.”

  • An open cavern, gaping like a mouth. Bloodstained rocks. Two dead men on the ground, surrounded by ranks and ranks of Trollocs, a pipe with smoke curling from it.

  • “I see you [Rand], a brilliant white sword held in your hand, wielded against one of black, held by a faceless darkness.”

  • A glowing sword, Callandor, being gripped in a black hand. She gasped.
    "What did you see?" Rand asked softly.
    "Callandor, held in a fist. The hand looks to be made of onyx."…

  • “a broken crown, and trees flowering all around him [Perrin].”

  • and above Elayne's [head], a red-hot iron and an axe. They meant trouble, she was sure, but it seemed distant, somewhere in the future.

  • what was that vision that was suddenly hovering above Nynaeve's head? She was kneeling over someone's corpse in a posture of grief.

  • Another Accepted came to replace one already there, and to Min’s eyes bars floated in front of her apple-cheeked face, like a cage.

  • Suddenly, for a moment, that flaring halo of gold and blue shone about his [Logain’s] .

  • “You’d think, if there was any justice, she [Faolain] would have an unpleasant future ahead of her.”

  • An image flickered above Enaila’s head and was gone. A wreath of some sort.

  • Maraconn and Gueyam were going to die too, bloody deaths in battle, Min thought.

  • “one day you [Harine] will be the Mistress of the Ships.”

  • “It’s Cadsuane. She is going to teach you something, you and the Asha’man. All the Asha’man, I mean. It’s something you have to learn, but I don’t know what it is, except that none of you will like learning it from her. You aren’t going to like it at all.”

  • the black knife that spun around Beldeine's head recently could mean anything.

  • a tempestuous love affair, of all things! The woman [Sarene] was ice, however beautiful. And there was nothing useful in knowing some man would melt her!

  • One red-and-green aura spoke of honours, and fame. A huge building appeared above her [Nesune’s] head and vanished. A library she would found.

  • Among all those images spilling around Rand and the women, suddenly an aura flashed, blue and yellow tinged with green, encompassing them all [Sorilea, Erian, Elza, Beldeine, Sarene and Nesune]. And Min knew its meaning. She gasped, half in surprise, half in relief…
    “They will serve you, each in her fashion, Rand’” she said hurriedly. “I saw it.” Sorilea would serve him? Suddenly Min wondered exactly what “in her fashion” meant.

  • Aviendha would have Rand’s babies, too. Four of them at once! Something was odd about that, though. The babies would be healthy, but still something odd.

  • “But she [Alivia] is going to kill you.” She [Min] bit off every word.
    “You said she was going to help me die,” he [Rand] said quietly. “Those were your words”… “Helping me die isn’t the same as killing me,”

  • there’s something…dark…in the images I saw around Lord Davram. If he turns against you, or dies…

  • “Tenobia has a spear hovering over her head," Min said. "Bloody, but shining in the light, Ethenielle will soon be wed-I see that by white doves. She plans to do something dangerous today, so be careful. The other two have various swords, shields and arrows hovering about them. Both will fight soon.”

  • “I see dark clouds, pushed away by the sunlight's warmth... I see trees, growing green again, bearing fruit. I see a field, the crops healthy and full.” She hesitated. "I see the Two Rivers, Rand. I see an inn there with the mark of the Dragon's Fang inlaid on its door. No longer be a symbol of darkness or hate. A sign of victory and hope.”
    He looked to her.
    Min caught something from the corner of her eye. She turned toward the people sitting on the street, and gaped. Every single one had an image above them. It was remarkable to see so many viewings, all at once, flaring to light above the heads of the sickly, the weak, and the abandoned, "I see a silver axe above that man’s head," she said, pointing to a bearded beggar, who lay against a wall, his chin down against his chest. "He will be a leader in the Last Battle. That woman there—the one sulking in the shadows-—she will be trained by the White Tower and become Aes Sedai. I can see the Flame of Tar Valon beside her, and I know what it means. That man over there who looks like a simple street tough? He will save her life. I know he doesn't look like it, but he will fight. All of them will. I can see it!"

    Brad Murgen said...

    A lot of these concern the same events... I remember Jordan saying once that many minor plotlines would be unresolved and the story wouldn't be nicely wrapped up in a bow, happy endings for all... wouldn't be surprised if the minor ones aren't even touched at all.

    Really can't wait for this book.

    Akemi said...

    Regarding egwenes dream "rand bound in chains....".
    I think it has already been fulfilled, when galina and co capture him. The way rand is now, I don't see him screaming at all.

    Akemi said...

    Also, egwene's dream about gawyn wasnt it fulfilled when fawn chose to forgot about rand and following serve egwene's faithfully?

    I'm just guessing here

    Akemi said...

    Gawyn*, forget*, and follow and serve egwene*

    Love autocorrect

    1eyedfool said...

    There are some Aelfinn's answers to be "fulfilled" too. Many we don't know, one in particular stands out though - "The north and the east must be as one. The west and the south must be as one. The two must be as one. If you would live, you must die." Part 1 is done (Arad Doman, the Borderlands and the eastern countires are unified under the Dragon), Part 2 as well (the southwest is unified under Fortuona); we must see Part 3 still, and Part 4 is a theory generator... BTW, my two cents there - Part 4 "If you WOULD live, you must die" - might be already fulfilled. In the sense that Rand has 'embraced death', Aielwise...

    Anonymous said...

    Perhaps Rand will bond Tuon. This would certainly fulfill several of the prophecies.

    Manetheren said...

    Since Taim is building his "stronghold" using the black stone from Shayol Gul, that puts an interesting twist on the "Blood of the Dragon Reborn on the rocks of Shayol Ghul" Prophecy.

    I'm really interested how this one will play out now.