Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Full Circle to A Memory of Light

By Linda

Minor characters we haven’t seen for a while that may reappear. I am assuming that important characters like Logain, Toveine and Gabrelle and Teslyn and Joline’s group will do so, and the various monarchs, nobles, high ranking Aes Sedai, and military generals and captains and high up Darkfriends.

Here is the start of a list of quite minor characters that may make cameos in A Memory of Light:

Nieda and Bili of Easing the Badger inn

Three Two Rivers boys who ran off (Dav Ayellin, Ewin Finngar, and Elam Dowtry)

Cauthon and al'Vere families

Kari al'Thor (her soul)

Cenn Buie


Raen and Ila (Tinkers)

Ailhuin Guenna (Tairen)


Murandian mechanical engineer who was going to Caemlyn - though Mat’s crossbows are already loading at modern speed

Einor Saren if he wasn’t killed in the Questioners purge

Dain Bornhald

Almurat Mor the Seanchan seeker

Tylee Kirghan

Karede, Ajimbura and Musenge

Tuon's favoured damane: Lidya, Dali and Dani, Charral, Sera, Mylen

Yuril, Tuon's Hand that commands her Seekers

Hartha, Seanchan Gardener

Ronde Macura, discoverer of forkroot's effects on channellers

Agni Neres, riverboat captain

Kin Tovere, inventor

Mervyn Poel, inventor

Idrien Tarsin, head of Rand's school in Cairhien

Laras, Queen of the White Tower Kitchens

Uno Nomesta

Black Ajah

Rhianna Andomeran, Berylla Naron and Jeaine Caide sent on missions by Moghedien

Falion Bhoda, Marillin Gemalphin,







Shiaine and Daven Hanlon

Amellia and Jorin Arene

Weiramon and Anaiyella

Old Cully


Nan Belman

Aes Sedai

Talaan and Merilille

Coladara, Paitar Nachiman’s Aes Sedai

Memara the Red who was sent to Saldaea

I don't expect all of these characters to appear, but a fair selection may.


Alec said...


It seems there is a new Great Hunt, a Tam al'Thor POV from A Memory of Light. Seems appropriate, given your subject, to speculate on POVs, and especially new POVs. Tam never did have one before.

From your list, Elyas and Laras seem to be very good bets for first time POVs.

Any thoughts?

Peter said...

Isn't Elegar (darkfriend) currently short of a head and unable to make it to the finale?

Brad Murgen said...

I'm getting anxious for this last book, but I wouldn't be surprised if many of these minor characters never show. Would personally like to see some Sharans appear at the Last Battle myself.

Hookedonweaves said...

Not looking forward to more of Galina, Therava and the Shaido? Quiet a bit of build up was put into this story-line,,,,,

I wouldn't be surprised and actually pleased if MoL was split into two Jordan sized books to really complete the whole series,

Hinkel said...

I think Ragan would be an appropriate addition to the list.

Linda said...

Alec: that is a good idea. I'll work on it and post late next week. I've got another list I'll post in the next couple of days.

Peter: As far as I know Elegar is still alive. We haven't seen him since LOC.

Vyrastas: It's true that many of these may not appear. I believe that RJ would have put a lot of earlier minor characters in.

Hooked on Weaves: That story line with the last POV of Galina sounded finished to me. I think we will hear indirectly of their (fatal) fate.

Hinkel: Ragan is a good idea!

Peter said...


I was wrong about Elegar.
The character I confused him with had a similar sounding name of Elbar - Suroth's darkfriend ally & potential assassin of Tuon.

Linda said...

Peter: Ah, that guy!

With so many characters, the names of minor characters end up being similar.

Donnie said...

Another addition could be Jarid Sarand. He was out there with some armsmen, when he was mentioned the last time. Well, but I do not really think that he could have something great to do in AMOL - it seemed just to be the last little piece unfinished in this part of Elayne's storyline.

For Galina and the Shaido I absolutely agree - the final POV seemed to finish the storyline and I do not think people really want to know more about Glina and the Shaido (plotline of doom...).

Another interesting one on the list is Liandrin, as she was for some books kind of a more major character than others on the list, and some people believe she will play a role before her end (a small, but she won't be forgotten completely).
Due to this I have question:
Is it possible that her trick (soft form of compulsion) she used on Juilin still lasts - like the heavy compulsion Graendal used on many of her victims?
If this would be true, I could see her and Juilin meeting again, as the Seanchan are heading for the Tower again and Juilin (with Amathera, Leilwin etc) is going there, too. So if her trick still lasts, she could maybe order Juilin to do something - eg attack Tuon or Egwene, if one of them is present.
Anyway, there could be some interesting reunions at the Tower:
Egwene with Liandrin and also Seta, Liandrin with Juilin and Amathera, Tuon with Leilwin and Amathera.

Linda said...

Donnie: LOL! I suggested Jarid Sarand's army as the one for the WOTGH question.

Very much looking forward to doings at the Tower in AMOL.

Donnie said...

I came up with the same thought when I read about Brandon's clues ;) - and only because of that I remembered Jarid and mentioned him here, but as I'm not registered on TL, I did not suggest it.