Thursday, November 10, 2011

The "Little" Questions for A Memory of Light

By Linda

As well as the major questions regarding the activities of the villains, how the good guys will win, etc, there are plenty of lesser questions floating around. Here are a few that I would like answered in A Memory of Light:

  • What did the Tinker message “Tell the Dragon Reborn…” refer to?

  • Which King and Queen did the Black Ajah kill? Why? Galina was involved, therefore it was within the last 85 years.

  • Were there two gholams wandering around, or one?

  • Who has Rand’s angreal?

  • How did Marith Jaen, Siuan’s predecessor, die?

  • Why does Harine’s swordmaster know how to ride?

  • Did the Murandian mechanic ever get to Caemlyn and what did he do there?

  • What did Lanfear ask for in the *Finns' world in the Age of Legends? And this time? (Moiraine's questions and wishes and Rand's third question will surely all be revealed).

  • Who was the apple-cheeked Accepted that Min viewed as in a cage?

  • Why did Theodrin behave oddly when she was with the rebels?


Donnie said...

Some interesting ones here - but I really can't remember what is "Who was the apple-cheeked Accepted that Min viewed as in a cage?" about? Could you help me to remember this viewing?

Another remaining question that comes to my mind:

What was the great project Faolain was working on, which she thought could be as important as the "discoveries" of Elayne and Nynaeve?

Also one related to your last post:

What was the mission Moghedien gave Rhianna Andomeran, Berylla Naron and Jeaine Caide?

luvtheedragon said...

I think most of these will have to be answered. tinker question has been irking me for a long long time. and rand's angreal to a lesser extend

Lorenzo said...

I'd also like to know what are Merilille and Taalan doing! I don't know why, but I always tought about it!

t ball said...

Can you please remind me what the Murandian mechanic thing is? I can't recall and I can't find mention of it.

Linda said...

@Donnie; It was among her viewings of the Tower coup. She saw one of an apple-cheeked Accepted behind bars. That is all we know of it. Theodrin is/was the only named apple-cheeked Accepted.

Also another of an Aes Sedai in chains. This one might have been Cabriana, since she was held in the air by invisible chains while Semirhage interrogated her.

Linda said...

Tball: Talmanes met a mechanic in Murandy who sold them a new crossbows crank to finance his move to Caemlyn. They used the cranks in Altara against the Seanchan in KOD. RJ probably originally intended this guy to provide even faster cranks, but thinking has changed about how fast early modern crossbows could be loaded since RJ wrote KOD. Since the cranks load at modern non-electronic speed, even faster cranks would be unrealistic. Perhaps this plot isn't going anywhere.

Maybe the guy will provide something for Aludra. If so, I would have thought he would be mentioned in TOM.

Anonymous said...

I have so many minor (I call them "loose ends" and "dangling threads") questions that I won't bother including them here. But one is so importnt and nagging (aggravated that it was not in the last book) That it has to somehow be mentioned in this final book.
Bring on stage Laras (the Mistress of the kitchens).
Laras has to reveal her final and perhaps her most important contribution to help the light.
Laras has helped the novice runaways in the past, she has helped save Egwene al'Vere (heehee lol, she even washed her mouth out with soap along with Elayne) and helped her again as the rebel Amyrlin.
NOW I thought it was VITALY important (From Verin's dying wish) for Laras to speak with Egwene.
I had even imagined that much about Laras would be revealed in the last book. Was Laras once a spy or failed novice?
Was Laras under Verin's strange form of compulsion?
Is Laras hiding or aware of the hiding spot for the Horn of Valere?
Does Laras have more secrets to share with the Amyrlin?
I was ver disappointed that Laras was not in the last book and it would be a near fatal wound if she is left out in this final book.
I am not a Laras fan, but the plot was tighltly woven with her minor role that to leave it dangling would be a travesty of omission.

Linda said...

Well, Ron, you came to the right place for Laras theories.

I don't consider her a loose end (that's what my file is called for these posts I'm doing) because I think she does know something about the Horn. I posted this theory about it here and at Theoryland last year.

t ball said...

Linda, thanks for the reminder on the mechanic.

I agree that Lara is a pretty key, if minor, character. I think we'll see the Horn come out of her kitchen in the final book. She also seems like the type that might be willing to sacrifice herself for some greater good, perhaps in connection with fulfilling the Horn's purpose.

1eyedfool said...

Hi Linda,
I can think of a couple of questions more.

1) The 13 Aes Sedai with the Borderlander Kings: up to now, that was a red herring - a red tuna, by size. Will they play a role, are any of them Black (likely as 1/3 of all AS were), will we know their names at least?

2) We have been hammered with the sentence "No one can walk so much in the Shadow that he cannot return to the Light". Insofar, only Verin did that (AFAIR). Will any other prominent Darkfiend/Black Ajah/maybe even Forsaken follow in that path?

Nicholas Alexander said...

"What did Lanfear ask for in the *Finns' world in the Age of Legends? And this time?"

Is there any proof that she actually did get her three wishes this time? I thought so, the first time I read through Towers of Midnight--based on something Moiraine says in "A Rabbit For Supper":

"'They gave you your three demands?' Mat asked, frowning.

'I passed through the ter'angreal,' [Moiraine] said. 'The ancient treaty held for both of us, though with the doorway destroyed there was no simple return.'"

For a while I thought that by "both of us" she was obviously referring to herself and Lanfear. But then I realized that what she said could just as easily be interpreted as "both the Finns and myself," rather than "both myself and Lanfear." So it's too ambiguous to be conclusive--either way--IMO. Were you referring to this and/or to something else in the books that indicates Lanfear got her wishes? Or was it confirmed in an interview/Q & A?

Linda said...

I thik that "both of us" does logically refer to herself and Lanfear.

Lanfear asked - since the treaty held - but that doesn't mean that she got anything before she was killed. It depends on whether she was clever with her requests or left loopholes.

PlatinumDream said...

Oh, shoot. My translation of "Lord of Chaos" in Bulgarian was written as if the Tinkers' message said "Tell the Dragon Reborn [about that]".
I just wonder how many other things I have missed...

Linda said...

I hope not many more.

But we don't know what the Tinker was referring to, and there was the impression that it was not the massacre, but that they were killed because they knew something.

Anonymous said...

Hey i may just be taking a shot in the dark here, but didn't someone give rand a letter just outside the the hall before his meeting with Egwene when she became Amrylin??? or has that been explained???

Linda said...

I don't consider Verin's letters to be 'little' questions because I think they will be answered. I've written an article about the letters here.