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Topical Index : The Black Tower

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Alphabetical Index of the Black Tower Characters.

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The Asha'man

Abors (Asha'man, darkfriend)
Androl Genhald (Dedicated, Logain's faction, bonded to and by Pevara Tasanovni)
Arel Malevin (Logain's faction, bonded by force Aisling Noon)
Arlen Nalaam (Soldier, Logain's faction, killed during attempt to rescue Logain)
Atal Mishraile (Asha'man, darkfriend)

Awlsten (Asha’man)
Binde (Asha’man)
Charl Gedwyn (Asha'man, Tsorovan'm'hael, darkfriend)
Corlan Dashiva (Asha'man, disguise/alias of Osan'gar)
Coteren (Asha'man, darkfriend)
Dafid Norley (Logain's faction, Dedicated) bonded an unnamed Red
Damer Flinn (Asha'man, Warder to Corele Hovian)
Deepe Bhadar (Asha'man, killed by Taim)
Desautel (Dedicated)
Dobser (Logain's faction, Turned to the Shadow)
Donalo Sandomere (Dedicated, Logain's faction, Turned to the Shadow, bonded by force Ayako Norsoni)
Eben Hopwil (Asha'man, was Warder to Daigian Moseneillin
Einar (Asha'man, killed by Demandred)
Emarin (Logain's faction, alias of High Lord Algarin)
Enkazin (soldier)
Evin Vinchova (Dedicated, Logain's faction, was Turned to the Shadow)
Fager Neald (Soldier, assigned to Perrin)
Fanshir (Soldier)
Fedwin Morr (Asha'man, euthanized by Rand)
Jahar Narishma (Asha'man, Warder bonded to Merise Haindehl)
Jonan Adley (Dedicated, killed by Rand when he lost control of saidin)
Jonneth Dowtry (Asha'man, Logain's faction)
Jur Grady (Dedicated, assigned to Perrin)
Karldin Manfor (Asha'man, was assigned to Loial to tour the Ways, Warder bonded to Beldeine Nyram, killed by exhaustion and Sharans)
Kash (Asha'man, darkfriend)

Leems (Asha'man, darkfriend)
Lord Logain Ablar (Asha'man, has bonded by force Gabrelle and Toveine Gazal)
Manel Rochaid (Asha'man, Baijan'm'hael, darkfriend)
Mazrim Taim (Asha'man, M'Hael of the Black Tower, darkfriend promoted to Forsaken)
Mezar Kurin (Dedicated, formerly of Logain's faction, Turned to the Shadow, bonded by force Adrielle)
Morly Hardlin (Logain's faction, Dedicated, bonded by force Lemai Ambani)
Naeff (Asha'man, Logain's faction, has bonded by force Nelavaire Demasiellin)
Peral Torval (Asha'man, darkfriend)
Raefar Kisman (Asha'man, darkfriend)
Saml al’Seen (Soldier)
Taril Canler (Dedicated, Logain's faction)
Varil Nensen (Asha'man, darkfriend, was bonded by Alviarin Freidhen)
Welyn Kajima (Dedicated, Logain's faction, was Turned to the Shadow, bonded by force Jenare)

Associated Characters

Frask Taglien (guard)
Gadren Grady
Henre Haslin (Swordmaster)
Lind Taglien (innkeeper)
Saeric (Cast out one-handed Goshien Aiel, martial arts teacher)
Sora Grady (wife of Jur Grady, mother of their young son)

Topics related to the Black Tower

Asha’man Forces

Asha'man Uniform

Attack of the Turncoat Asha'man on Rand

Shadow's Influence on the Black Tower (full article)

Aging in channellers (slower)
Effect on male channellers of removal of Taint
’Extra bit’ in bonding Aes Sedai

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