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Topical Index : The White Tower, The city and region of Tar Valon

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Characters Associated with the White Tower, the city and region of Tar Valon

The Initiates

Index of the Aes Sedai sisters
Index of the Accepted & Novices

The Non-Initiates

Index of the Warders
Index of the Younglings

Adim (near Tar Valon and Dragonmount)
Adrinne (near Tar Valon and Dragonmount)
Aelmara (Romanda’s maid)
Aldan (one of the rebel soldiers)
Allin (Member of Tower Guard)
Alysa (near Tar Valon and Dragonmount)
Annah (messenger in Aes Sedai army)
Azil Mareed (Domani) (High Captain of the Tower Guard during the Aiel War)
Carlya (Maid to Elaida)
Charel (groom)
Chesa (Maid to the Amyrlin Egwene al'Vere)
Cords (Sgt in rebel army)
Coulin (Master-at-Arms under Siuan Sanche, killed by Gawyn)
Denhold (Cavalry captain)
Ehvin (Kitchen servant in the rebel camp)
Garon Burlow (Mayor of the village of Dorlan)
Gera (Cook in the rebel camp)

Hahn (near Tar Valon and Dragonmount)
Holcom (Tower Guard)
Ilain Dormaile (Cairhienin Banker in Tar Valon, NS)

Jimar Chubain (Siuan's then Elaida's High Captain of the Tower Guard)
Master Jovarin (Master Mason)

Kaylin (servant in rebel camp)

Laras (White Tower Mistress of the Kitchens)
Master Lerman (Chief Mason for Elaida)

Mada (inn servant)
Malvin (soldier in the Tower Guard, NS)
Marel (groom)
Martan (White Tower clerk)
Meri (she was one of Egwene's maids)
Miesa (Delana's maid)
Mistress Millin (dairy farmer in Dorlan)
Millis Fendry
Moor (near Tar Valon and Dragonmount)
Moria Elward (farmer near Tar Valon)

Mulinda (servant with the Salidar rebels)
Naorman Mashinta
Nemaris (camp follower with the rebels)
Nildra (servant with the Salidar rebels)

Pol (maid of Merillile Candewyn)

Saal (inn servant)
Mistress Satina (servant with the rebels)
Selame (Tairen maid to Egwene al'Vere)
Steler (Bannerman in the Tower Guard)

Tamore Alkohima (Domani seamstress in Tar Valon)
Tijds (rebel soldier)
Tinna (thrown out of White Tower, leader of Dragonsworn)
Uso (near Tar Valon and Dragonmount)
Vestas rebel captain
Mistress Wellin (Tower clerk during the Aiel War)

Identified Eyes-and-Ears:

Duranda Tharne (Blue Ajah agent, Lugard)
Milam Harnder (First Librarian in Caemlyn, Demira's eye-and-ears)
Millis Fendry (Brown Ajah informer, Caemlyn)
Nieda (Blue Ajah agent, Illian)
Quillin Tasil (innkeeper in Bandar Eban, Cadsuane's agent)
Ronde Macura (Yellow Ajah agent in Amadicia, discoverer of forkroot's properties)

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