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Topical Index: Theology and Philosophy

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After-life for souls
After-life in WOT world

Apocalypticism in series
Apocalypticism parallels

Appearance of avatar ends Age cycle

Balance between Fate and Free Will

Contention between Dark One and Creator

Creator does not interfere
Creator in WOT theology
Creator’s non-interference in WOT world
Creator and Confrontations of the Champions

Cyclic time
Cyclic Time, effect of

Day of Return is Millenarianist

Dead Sea Scrolls and WOT end-times

Deities’ Use of Surrogates

Denial of salvation

Destiny versus free will in WOT series

Destruction and recreation of universe

Dragon confused with Dark One
Dragon in Zoroastrianism

Dragonsworn, millenarian extremism of

End of Third Age
End-times of WOT series

Epochs of 3000 years

Eruption of mountains in Zoroastrian end-times

Eschatology of WOT series
Eschatology summary

Eternity, symbols of

Fate and Pattern
Fate, Workings of

Four horsemen of the apocalypse

Free Will and Choice in the PatternFree Will and Pattern

Freemasonry references in the series (full article)

Golden Ages, Occurrences of

Golden Dawn references

Great Pattern

Individual choice in WOT series

Length of Ages

Manichaeism and WOT theology

Messianism and the Wheel of Time Series
Messianism, Rand and the Wheel of Time Series
Messianism parallels

Millenarian catechism of Shadow
Millenarian extremism in WOT series
Millenarian extremism of Dragonsworn
Millenarian extremism of Shadow
Millenarianism of WOT series
Millenarian tenets of the series

Mythological defamation

Nihilism of Ishamael’s philosophy in the Age of Legends

Old Testament and Breaking of world
Old Testament and WOT end-times

Orphic Esotericism/Mysteries and the Wheel of Time Series

Ouroboros Symbol of Eternity

Parallel worlds and mirror worlds
Parallel worlds may have own reflections

Pattern neither good nor evil
Pattern of Ages
Pattern of Second Age events
Pattern of Third Age events
Pattern of Wheel of Time end-time events
Pattern, permutations of
Pattern, Why Dark One is loosening the

Psalms of Solomon and WOT messianism

Reincarnation and Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism
Reincarnation and cyclic time

Religion, lack of formal
Revelation of Bible

Salvation in WOT world

Seven spokes in Wheel of Time for seven Ages

Souls, copies and splits

Surrogates for Creator and Dark One

Taoism in WOT
Taoism in WOT theology
Taoistic cyclic nature of universe


Theology of WOT world
Theology parallels
Theology summary

Time and the Pattern
Time in WOT world
Time is cyclic, not circular
Time of Illusions of Amayar
Time parallels
Time summary

Transmigration, Dark One’s limitations

Tree of Life and Freemasonry

Wheel of Time
Wheel of Time and how it works
Wheel of Time in Hinduism/Buddhism
Wheel of Time, Neutrality of
Wheel of Time, Origin of
Wheel of Time use of chaos
Wheel of Time world and real world, Relationship of
Wheel of Time’s goal of harmony
Wheel of Time’s problems in communicating Pattern to people

Zoroastrianism and the Wheel of Time Series
Zoroastrianism and WOT end-times
Zoroastrianism in WOT theology

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