Saturday, June 8, 2019

Updates Completed on One Power Articles

By Linda

For the last few weeks I've been updating the articles that deal with the One Power and Channelling with information from Robert Jordan's notes, booksignings and interviews. The main articles include:

Angreal and Sa'angreal

Saidar Strength Ranking

Ter'angreal and Allied Items

Weaves and Talents

The list of updated articles is now longer:

The Aelfinn and the Eelfinn

The Aelfinn's Answers

The Ages of the Characters

Aiel Prophecy

Angreal and Sa'angreal

Animal Symbolism

The Cache from Ebou Dar

Cadsuane's Ornaments

Channellers Detecting Other Channellers

Character Names Derived from Readers' Names

Character Names series

The Composition and Politics of the Halls


Egwene's Dreams

Fate, Free Will and Divining the Pattern


Herbs and Other Medicines

Horn of Valere

Inventions From Rand's Academies

Robert Jordan's Strength Ranking

Lews Therin

Matter of Britain 2: An Arthurian Who's Who


Min's Viewings

Names of the Shadow

Off-shore Prophecy


Onset of Rand's Channelling

Origin of Place Names

Price and Prize of Knowledge


Robert Jordan's Strength Ranking

Saidar Strength Ranking

Ter'angreal and Allied Items


There Are No Beginnings or Endings...The Paradox of WOT's Eschatology

Time of Illusions

Weaves and Talents

Wheel of Time Theology

Who Is Not A Darkfriend?