Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nynaeve Outfit 2

By Linda

Recently I sewed an example of the outfit Egwene wore when the girls went to Toman Head with Liandrin. In this post, it is the turn of Nynaeve's outfit. She wore:

her best dress that had a skirt divided for riding, and cloaks of fine wool rich with embroidery…
"This would do better for a turn in some lord's park than a ride to Toman Head," Nynaeve had said dryly as Egwene helped her with the buttons of a gray silk with thread-of-gold work and pearled flowers across the bosom and down the sleeves, "but it may allow us to leave unnoticed."

The Great Hunt, Flight From the White Tower

I made Nynaeve’s dress out of grey silk dupion lined with grey chiffon and embroidered it with thin gold thread in fly and single chain stitches and pearly seed beads. The dress has pearl buttons on the sleeves and down the back (see photo of the front and back below).

She has black boots lined with red and a gold belt holding her belt knife and pouch. Below is the front and back view of Nynaeve in her dress:

Under this Nynaeve wears a short white silk shift with silk lace trim, a white linen petticoat with divided skirts trimmed with linen lace and grey wool stockings (see photos below).

I embroidered Nynaeve’s dark blue wool cape with brambles in French knot, satin stich, split back stitch, whipped chain and single chain stitches with wool thread, since Nynaeve identified with thorn bushes in her Accepted test, and lined it with blue linen. It is closed with an oval goldtone brooch, see photos front and back below.

The two photos below show front and back view of Nynaeve wearing her cape.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nynaeve's Wool Shawl

By Linda

A few months ago, a Theorylander friend of mine (Lupusdeusest) remarked that most Aes Sedai shawls were described as having vines embroidered on them, but all the ones she had seen had been decorated with flowers and she wished someone would make one with vines. It so happened that I had bought the materials to make a Yellow Ajah woollen shawl for Nynaeve (her ‘everyday’ Aes Sedai shawl), including the woollen threads for embroidered grape vines. I decided it would be my next WOT embroidery project.

It is made of medium weight yellow wool, all the trimmings are also wool: the flame of Tar Valon stitched in white split back stitch, nestled among the vines in brown whipped chain, vine leaves in green split back and satin stiches, and the grapes in purple French knots. The fringe is hand-knotted in yellow yarn. Since it is unlined, I had to keep the back of the work extra tidy!

Here is a close up of the shawl:

And here it is on Nynaeve.

Nynaeve's previous costume is here.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Foretellings and Aeffinn Answers Updated

By Linda

The article on Foretellings has been updated for A Memory of Light, and booksigning info. There is a fair bit of new material, mainly for the Gitara Moroso and Nicola's Foretellings, and it is marked in bold. The Aelfinn's Answers were also updated. Over the weekend minor updates were also made to Perrin's Dreams, and Fate, Free Will and Divining the Pattern, and this completes the updates of the prophecies series of articles. Not yet decided which section I will start next.

The full list of prophecies articles are given below:

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Article on Omens

By Linda

I have posted a new article on Omens in the series, whether Seanchan, Westlands or Aiel. In a way, it ties in with Min's Viewings, which were updated last week.

Warning: it contains spoilers for A Memory of Light.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Min's Viewings Updated

By Linda

The article on Min's Viewings has been updated for A Memory of Light, and booksigning info.

There is a lot of new material and it is marked in bold. The article also refers to a new article on Omens that I am currently writing.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Egwene Outfit 2

By Linda

It seems to be a week for Egwene, since here is a description of Egwene’s second outfit.

Once in Falme, Egwne’s previous clothes were burned and she was dressed as a damane in grey. Regarded as not really human, the clothes of a damane are plain, drab and serviceable. Egwene wears dark grey boiled wool shift and petticoat and grey wool jersey stockings and medium grey leather shoes (see photo below).

Her dress of dark grey wool with the neckline cut fairly high and the bodice is lined with hard-wearing black linen. She doesn’t need a belt because she has no possessions to carry. I made her a’dam from two different sized silver earrings and a silver necklace.

Such a contrast to her previous outfit, which is here.