Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Four Articles Updated, Including Horn of Valere

By Linda

Another long gap betwen updates due to the amount of new info from A Memory of Light and interviews added to the articles. Most of my time has been spent with an extensive rewrite of the Horn of Valere article. Not surprising, given the prophecies surrounding this instrument.

A couple of creatures articles were also updated: Darkhounds
and also Nym and Green Man.

The fourth article updated is an old favourite of mine, Herbs and Other Medicines. There are a couple of new entries plus expansions of other entries.

As usual, new material is marked in bold.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Read-through Post: River of Souls Short Story

By Linda

As usual, a larger gap between posts means I have been working on a larger or more complicated post. I have written a read-through of River of Souls, a single POV Wheel of Time short story written by Brandon Sanderson that was published last month. Since not everyone would have read it, and it contains spoilers, I have posted it here, off the front page of the blog. Three reference library articles were also updated for this read-through and are linked in the post. (If I said which ones that also would be a spoiler.)

My read-through is slightly longer than the actual story. But then River of Souls was short – terse, even, by Wheel of Time standards - but engrossing.