Saturday, July 21, 2018

Memory of Light Read-through #46: Chapter 40—Wolfbrother

By Linda

Aviendha POV
Aviendha gives us an update on how the Windfinders are faring with the Bowl of Winds on a ledge above the entrance to Shayol Ghul. They are utterly exhausted, with only one third of their numbers operational to combat the Dark One’s storm.

Wolves are fighting Darkhounds even though they can’t kill them. Everyone is buying time until Rand wins his battle. But Mat correctly thinks that his forces also need to win their own battles conclusively, as well as Rand his, because the Land is one with the Dragon.

Aviendha is using the turtle angreal to fight off Graendal’s ring of channellers. The Aiel has also masked her ability to channel—but the wolves sensed it anyway, so the weave works on channellers, but not wolves. Masking may not work on Shadowspawn that can distinguish channellers (eg Myrddraal and gholam) either.

Elayne POV

The Andoran queen puts herself at risk to inspire her troops to fight, since they were on the edge of breaking. I love how Birgitte is sarcastic about her recklessness. She had been wanting to fight among the other Heroes, but Elayne asked for her to stay, and she is needed to moderate Elayne’s enthusiasm, just as she does Gaidal Cain’s when they are reborn.


The Light’s forces are inadequate and exhausted, but that makes their efforts all the more impressive and heroic. At last, the cards are turning Mat’s way. The Shadow has a far greater army, but little to no leadership. Moreover, the Seanchan finally arrive.

Grady POV

Grandy follows his orders to open gateway to Hinderstap again, despite being furious at villagers being futilely sent to fight Shadowspawn. Humble folk in all the armies have suffered the same fate and they don’t have the advantage of the villagers. (They don’t have their disadvantage, either). It was a brilliant move making the most of Hinderstap’s characteristics and have them make a valuable contribution to the Last Battle. The hundred members of Mat’s Band that joined the village, knowing they could be trapped forever in a hideous recursion, were also noble. We never find out if the re-sealing of the Dark One lifts Hinderstap’s terrible fate.