Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mapping the Wheel of Time : Andor

by Dominic

This image is a 'draft' version of a map of Andor, done in a mock 17th Century Dutch style two years ago.

It is decorated with the sigils of 18 of the 19th main Houses of Andor (the 19th's, House Candraed's, has never been described).

Click the picture to get the full-size version.

Artistic license was taken with the House colours whenever unknown. More accurate renditions of the House Sigils can be found in the heraldry article, and eventually I'll add them to a more advanced version of the map.

A major gripe I have with map is the fact it uses the book's full colours map as background. Since I've done that draft, I've started work on a giant reproduction of 'big map', painstakingly translating all the details using grids. Once finished, this painting of the map of the Westlands (including the Waste and part of Shara, and a bit more of the Blight as well) will be used to finalize the regional/national maps I've done, like the present 'rough draft" of Andor.