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Topical Index : Ter'angreal

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Alphabetical Listing and Index entries for all Ter'angreal

Accepted Arches

Access Keys (to the Choedan Kal)


Aelfinn Ter’angreal Doorway Ter’angreal

Aes Sedai Oval Ring

Alviarin’s Ter’angreal

Balefire Rod
Bent Black Rod
Bent Black Rod
Binder – look under Oath Rod
Binding Chair
Book of Translation
Black and White Bird Figurine
Bloodknife's Ring
Blue Stone Carving
Blue Woman Figurine
Blunt Dagger

Bowl of Winds

Bracelet made of twisted glass rings
Bracelet with pale red stones
Bright Red Hot Rod
Bronze and Steel Medallions
Bronze Statue of a Man Holding a Book

The Cache from Ebou Dar

Cadsuane’s Personal Defense System
Cadsuane’s weave breaking ter’angreal
Callie’s Ter’angreal
Carved Cluster of Dice
Chair of Remorse
Clear amber plaque
Cour’souvra – see under Mindtrap
Crystal Globe
Crystal Statue
Crystal Throne
Dream Ter’angreal

Edged Knives

Eight-pointed star

Fancloth Ter’angreal
Far Madding’s Anti-Channeling Ter’angreal
figurine of an unclothed woman in alabaster
Fish ornaments
Flat white bowl
Flat Silvery Ring
Flexible Black Rod
Foxhead Medallion
Glass Blacksmith Puzzle
Glass Columns
Glass Man Figurine
Glass Pendant
Green and Red Box
Green Stone Disc (Elayne’s)

Hair Ornaments Defense System (Cadsuane’s)
Helmet of Metal Feathers

Iron disc

Jewellery items

Knives & Daggers

Library ter’angreal
Library ter’angreal

Mat’s Foxhead Medallion

Metal Gauntlets
Metal Hats

Miscellaneous Bowls, cups and vases
Miscellaneous Jewellery

Moon ornament & two intertwined-moons ornament

Mystery Ter’angreal (Ishamael’s/Jarna’s)
Na’baha (“Fool Box’)
Nynaeve’s Personal Jewellery Defense System

Oath Rod/Binder

Personal Defense Systems

Portal Stones

Red Crystal Chair
Ring of Tamyrlin
Ring with flawless sapphire

Ring with one pale green stone

Rod of smooth clear crystal

Seals on the Dark One’s Prison

Security Measures for Ter’angreal
Set of Nested Metal Balls
Shiny Black Metal Spear
Silver Ring
Slim Golden Belt
Small Red Rod (Alviarin’s)
Star ornament
Stasis Box

Statues and Figurines
Students’ Dream Ter’angreal

Swallow ornament

Talisman of Growing
Tall vase with Vines
Tapering Crystal Plinth

Tiny Crystal Vial
Twisted Redstone Doorway (Rhuidean)
Twisted Redstone Doorway (Tear, previously Mayene)
Twisted Stone Ring

Verin's Bookmark
Wise Ones’ Apprentice Three Rings
Wooden Hedgehog


Broken Ter’angreal
Caches and collections of One Power objects
The Cache from Ebou Dar
Identifying Ter’angreal
Making of Ter’angreal Talent
Reading Ter’angreal Talent
Security Measures for Ter'angreal
Ter’angreal as Amulets
Ter’angreal in Cairhien
Test for Acceptance and the Accepted Arches
Test for the Aes Sedai Shawl
Testing for the ability to channel – see One Power Index
Testing ter’angreal