Tuesday, April 17, 2001

The Eye of the World Round-Table (Open Thread)

This thread is open for our readers to post their own commentaries/impressions on
The Eye of the World, Book 1 of the Wheel of Time

Feel free to use it as well to post reviews, ideas for topics of discussion or questions to other readers, etc.

You can also send your questions about Eye of the World directly to the Librarians via 'Ask Zemaille' and they will do their best to find you the answer during the Read-Through.


Anonymous said...

Not many of the main characters behave well at first: Mat is immature, especially for a farmer’s son, Nynaeve is a bully, Egwene bossy, Moiraine cold and Lan hard. I guess only Perrin and Rand seem better in the first book than they do later. Thom is consistent.

Drake said...

Well, Mat stayed more or less immature till the ..fifth book? I must say, I totally hated him in the first book. Had I been Moiraine, I'd have strangled the whining bitch asap.
Nynaeve was marvellous in this book, I think, as are Lan and Moiraine.
Perrin was quite nice, almost a pity that he turned out like he did.
Of course I'm sure it would be quite dull if the DID behave 'well' in the beginning. How could they grow up and mature?

Too bad I started rereading the series a few months ago, I finished EotW a few weeks ago and skipped the Great Hunt. I'd have more to say had I read the book later.

Ian said...

Skipped the great hunt?!?! Arguably one of the best when things are starting to develop and key characters are introduced.. I myself am starting to re-read the series, but am not going to go all out to read it by september in protest of the scandalous profiteering of the separate 3 volumes! Ive waited this long..

uglycat said...

about mat, it's difficult, for me at least, to tell how much was dagger taint and how much was himself. i found he was a lot more likeable after he was healed of the taint, even before he starts to 'mature'.

starting at his attempted 'escape' outside of cairhein up to the end of book 11, he became by far my favourite character.

on nynaeve, i found her very difficult to like. she has some very endearing qualities, but her irrationality becomes annoying at times. it seems exaggerated beyond what would be normal obstinacy to me.
i really enjoyed the scenes with rand and nynaeve together during the cleansing of saidin and afterwards, but i wish they would talk more, considering the two of them took part in something so momentous, but that's mostly how rand is now, i guess.

Anonymous said...

Well, I just wanted to say thank you all for your great work on this blog. I really love the content of the hole site, it's just amazing.

While I startet reading the "The Eye of the World Read-Through" today there were two things that I encountered -

1. The link for post 11 "Ishamael & Souls" doesn't work and I can't find the content anywhere.

2. A kind of funny Lotr parallel came back to my mind, I thought about while my last re-read:
When Moiraine left Emond's Field she wore grey - similar to Gandalf the grey, since she has some other parrallels to him - also the disappearing and hopefully a great comeback.
So I ask myself if she will come back as Moiraine the white (or kind of this) similar to Gandalf? When Gandalf came back, he was be taken for Saruman (the evil magican) accidently by Aragorn. So we also know that Moiraine disappered together with Lanfear (an evil (female) magican, too). Lanfear had her comeback as Cyndane, in a knew body, as far as we know.

Well ok so far with the parallels - everything concluded by this sounds like a very loony theory to my, but that thought came into my mind, while reading and I just wanted to share it.