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Aginor in a nutshell

The Age of Legends

- His original name was Ishar Morrad Chuain.

- He was one of the best, if not the top biological scientist in the Age of Legends. Apparently he understood the most basic structures of living things better than anyone else in the Age.

- It was believed that nothing more could be discovered in his field except for a few small minor discoveries, but he resented that belief.

- His primary field of expertise was plant life where he researched crops and ornamentals. However, he was disciplined more than once for unauthorized work on animals.

The War of Power

- He was one of the first Forsaken to turn to the Shadow – within the first thirty years of the Collapse.

- His motive was the ability to do unrestricted biological research.

- After he became a Forsaken, he started to develop Shadowspawn. His first creation was the Trolloc. The True Power was used to some degree to make them. He wasted no time in making them, because by the time the War of Power started they were already present in huge numbers.

- He also developed Draghar, Gholam, Jumara and other creations. The Myrddraal were an unexpected offspring of his Trolloc creations.

- He didn’t know why Myrddraal could move in shadows, and he experimented and destroyed over one hundred of them trying to find out, without success.

- He never held a field command, and was never a governor of any territory.

- He was given free reign to develop his Shadowspawn, which required human and animal components. All of the Forsaken sent people, whether civilians or soldiers, to his Trolloc camps for experimentation, production or Trolloc fodder.

- Ten thousand people were sent to his camps on a daily basis from the beginning of the War of Power, until the end where the number may have doubled in the last five years of the War. Millions of people died in these concentration camps.

- At some stage he says he faced Lews Therin in the Hall of Servants and attacked him in some way. He says he met Lews Therin ‘stroke for stroke’.

Since being released

- He was caught very close to the surface of the seal and as a result his flesh withered and he became extremely old and parched.

- He and Balthamel didn’t experience a deep sleep like the other Forsaken, but a state which allowed them to focus on any area in the world.

- Moiraine challenged him at the Eye of the World, but he defeated her. She was surprised that she could stand against him for so long.

- He competed with Rand al’Thor for the Eye of the World but overdrew on saidin and destroyed himself. All that was left of him was ash. He states later that death was a very unpleasant experience.

- He was reincarnated as Osan’gar, a plain faced younger man.

- He masqueraded as Corlan Dashiva, an Ash’aman for a few months. He fought in several battles with Rand, including Rand’s move against Sammael.

- He pointed Flinn in the right direction regarding Healing with saidin.

- He attacked Rand in the Sun Palace with huge fireballs, and then fled. He did not follow the other renegade Ash’aman to Far Madding.

- He planned to balefire Rand, and seize Callandor for himself at the Cleansing of saidin. He was targeted by Elza using Callandor, where she destroyed the hill he hid on. He is presumed dead, but there is not enough evidence at the moment to state so absolutely. He will be the only Forsaken to have died twice.

As an Individual

- In his restored form, Aginor is as tall and physically strong as Rand with a look as hard as a Warder’s. He is a man in his prime, but not good looking (he states that he always hated being ordinary).

- Aginor dislikes physical activity, and he says that he never considered himself to be a soldier. Demandred says that if Aginor wasn’t so gifted in his field, he never would have been a Forsaken.

- His strength in the One Power is an area of contention. He is clearly mentioned as the second strongest male Forsaken in the One Power. Moiraine also says that he was close behind Lews Therin in strength. The Guide, however, also says that Demandred was slightly weaker than Lews Therin – which immediately casts doubt on Aginor’s position. Moiraine says that only the strongest channelers could manage the flows from the Eye, and Rand estimates that Dashiva is nearly as strong as he himself. However, Adley says in the same chapter that Sammael is about as strong as Rand. It is possible that Aginor was the second strongest male in the Shadow, until the appearance of Demandred and Sammael… or he might be the second strongest.

- According to Rand his ability with Healing is worse than his own (and Rand can barely Heal a bruise).

- Despite his arrogant demeanor against Rand in the Eye of the World, he is probably a weak personality. Demandred and Moridin openly chide him and he doesn’t respond. Osan’gar says that he feared Moridin and Ishamael for as long as he could remember.

- One of his habits is to dry wash his hands.

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