Thursday, March 4, 2010

JordanCon 2010 now only a few weeks away!

By Linda

JordanCon, the Wheel of Time convention, will be held in Atlanta Georgia at the Crowne Plaza Ravinia hotel from April 23 to 25 2010. It’s coming up breathtakingly fast. Pre-registration closes in 30 days time!

Jennifer Liang, the JordanCon Chair, and her team have organised a wonderful list of guests, including Brandon Sanderson, Harriet McDougal, Jana G. Oliver, author of the Time Rovers series, David Wong, author of John Dies at the End, Maria Simmons and Alan Romanczuk of Team Jordan, Jason Denzel, webmaster of Dragonmount, and Matt Hatch, webmaster of Theoryland.

There will be heaps of discussion of course, plus panels, the Seanchan Homecoming Ball, a charity silent auction and poker game, a Writer’s Track, costuming and gaming. It will be really great! Visit to pre-register or for more details.

I plan on attending and have booked plane tickets and a room. I’ve still got a few things to organise, like my costume for the Ball. I finally obtained the fabric I wanted this afternoon. Old Salt, who has also written articles and a theory for the Thirteenth Depository, is also going.

I hope to see you there!


Mik said...

This is one of those rare moments, I sigh because I live in the Netherlands...

I wish I could go there and shake hands, have a laugh & share our thoughts...

Have fun there, Linda!
(You too Old -luckySOB- Salt. ;))

digirand said...

As of yesterday, no more rooms at plaza ravinia allotted for Jordancon 2010. I called the hotel again today without success. Will attend regardless.
2009 jordancon was great!

jim hudson

Linda said...

Mik: I quite understand your feelings. It would be great if you could go. I sighed last year for JordanCon and the TGS book tour because I live in Australia. Then I decided to seriously look into whether I could get there...

Thanks for the heads up, Jim. I shall amend my post then.