Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Looming Towers #3: Theory Week + new theory

By Linda

I’ve decided this week is Theory Week on the blog and I plan to post a theory a day from now until Friday. First up is one on what else Perrin may do besides fight battles.


dmonray said...

Looking forward to this.

I was just thinking of Setalle Anan and would love to hear your thoughts on her role now that Tuon is no longer with them.

They are on the way to Caemlyn and there is a huge cache of ter'angreal plus Elayne was in Salidar when Nynaeve Healed Stilling.


Linda said...

I agree with you: Setalla Anan will advise Elayne on her cache. It's a pity she's burned out; maybe Sumeko (one of the Kin very skilled in Healing) or Flinn (not there yet, I know) will work out how to Heal her. Flinn would be better since then she would be restored fully.

Gifted Designs said...

That's something I wonder about. If setalle was severed, would they not be able to heal her or is there a time delay? As in because she's been severed so long the link to saidar no longer exists?

Linda said...

A good point; only time will tell.