Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Milestone for the Thirteenth Depository

By Linda

I’m delighted to announce that today the Thirteenth Depository passed one million page views! When Dominic and I started the blog less than 20 months ago neither of us thought that we’d reach this mark so soon or that the blog would be so successful. Thanks to all who have visited the blog. I’m very grateful to all our readers and hope you have enjoyed our writings.


In the next day or so I’ll post the first library article containing information from Towers of Midnight. It won’t be an update of an existing essay, but an absolutely brand new article. After that, I will update the Reference Library articles for Towers of Midnight. I estimate that about forty articles require updating, about the same number as for The Gathering Storm. They will probably be interspersed with the odd Wheel of Time Costume instalment.

The posting pace will probably be a little slower during this period to give me time to work up new material. And maybe to do a few other things. :) I’ve been making three posts per week for a year now without a break and was making one or two a week before that. This pace prevents me from researching and writing any new longer essays.

Once the updating process is over, I will resume the read-through where I left off: at the start of The Gathering Storm and will probably analyse the book chapter by chapter. Once every so often I’ll ring the changes with a new theory (four are in the pipeline) or an analysis of a minor character.


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

Congratulations on the landmark!

I discovered the blog about a year ago and I think its just amazing. While the breakdown of the WOT world is brilliant, it is your wider referencing to history, culture and other literature, all with an academic rigour, that makes this so fascinating and enjoyable to read.

I cannot thank you enough for writing such a great blog!

Best wishes


Mik said...

Wow! Gratz!

A -MILLION-! We celebrate! This news should get any self-respecting geologist totally hammered! (or stoned...take your pick)

Where -is- Dom these days? I see him on Rafo from time to time. But mostly, he's gone AWOL, I think? ;)

He is missed!

Gratz Lin! (& Dom)

P.S: I'm solely responsible for 389.278 pageviews (I keep track).

Frank said...


luvtheedragon said...

awesome! seems to me that the aMoL wait will be quite action packed!

old salt said...

Yay and hooray! Congrats to you. All your hard work (and Dom's too) has paid off. A well deserved milestone.

Alan said...

Congratulations on your milestone, Linda. It is well deserved!

t ball said...

Congrats. I lurked on WOTmania, Dragonmount and Theoryland, but this has been my favorite WOT blog since I found it last year.

Linda said...

Thanks everyone for your congratulations. Much appreciated.

Fanatic-Templar said...


But with content of this quality, it is well deserved.

Linda said...

Thanks F-T! :)