Monday, February 14, 2011

My JordanCon 2011 costume

By Linda

This weekend I worked hard on my costume for JordanCon, which is why I'm only a third of the way through the Towers of Midnight updates to the Rand essay. The photo right is of the bodice, showing the gold embroidery around the neck and down the bodice. The dress is in silk in the Taraboner style and fully lined. My remaining tasks are to hem the skirt and the cuffs and to design and make a half-veil.

Then I'll turn to producing a few more goldwork samples to show at JordanCon and shopping for the metallic supplies. JordanCon is so soon: only 2 months away!

The Rand essay has 4 major new parallels and I hope to complete it on Wednesday or Thursday depending on my paid workload this week.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Linda - It is going to look stunning! I love that wine red. Gorgeous and rich.

Anonymous said...

what nation would this be from?

Linda said...

Thanks April! The colour sets off the gold very well.

Anon: It's from Tarabon - clinging silk, embroidered across the bodice. I have yet to make the veil.