Wednesday, March 23, 2011

23 Days to JordanCon 2011 in Atlanta

By Linda

Yesterday the hardworking and inventive JordanCon team released the preliminary JordanCon program and there’s lots of interesting items lined up, including:

  • an entirely new track devoted to gaming;

  • a writer's track where you can meet authors, learn writing skills and find out how A Memory of Light is going;

  • panels on the Tower of Ghenjei, the Black Tower (which I’ll be leading), Aviendha’s experiences in the Waste, gunpowder weapons;

  • Mat Hatch of Theoryland will preside over the last WOT theory panel ever – if A Memory of Light is published before next April, I guess;

  • Saturday’s costume contest, social and charity auction for the Mayo clinic,
  • and
  • workshops on costuming, metal embroidery, sword forms and Warder training.

You can even audition for Dragonmmount’s WOT video(!).

There really will be heaps to do.

After a little online shopping, I finally have all the metal threads and purls (coils of metal) in silver and gold (see my haul in the photo below left) to take for the embroidered heron I’ll be doing and am preparing samples and the motif. The photos above are of two herons I sewed last year. The heron is suitable for ornamenting a blademaster’s collar, but the techniques learned can be applied to any costume, male or female.

My Taraboner silk dress below right has gold metal thread and purls across the bodice. I still haven't made a transparent half-veil for it yet!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Has anyone ever come as to Jordancon, a signing, etc. as Taim, with the full-on blue-and-gold embroidered black coat? It'd be great!

Linda said...

It would! I don't think anyone has, though.