Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Post #3 for JordanCon 2011

By Linda

Goldwork Embroidery Workshop

First thing on Sunday morning was my workshop on how to apply gold and silver thread and coils (purls) onto fabric to embellish costumes, particularly dresses (I'm wearing an example of my work, see photos above) and coats. In earlier times the gold coils were real gold wire and the thread was made out of thin strips of gold wrapped around a silk core, and only nobles could afford such expensive materials and the skilled needleworker that applied them. The silver tarnished eventually and turned black after some years. These days we have synthetic gold thread, usually metallised polyamide or similar.

My students all were experienced at embroidery and they learned the techniques quickly. They were a lovely class and I really enjoyed demonstrating for them.

Black Tower and Red Blood

The dark doings at the Black Tower have spawned almost as many theories as the death of Asmodean. Most attendees agreed that channellers are being turned to the Shadow by a circle of 13 with 13 Myrddraal. Some think that Taim was one, if not the, first of these. But Taim’s eyes are not dead as the turned channellers are. Logain said in Knife of Dreams News for the Dragon that Taim was so eager to learn where Rand was that:

His eyes were practically on fire.

We also talked about Logain being missing, and the six Reds and Androl. Tarna has been turned and Javindhra is probably Black.

Many readers are exasperated that Rand has not gone to the Black Tower to find out what is going on. Most of what is happening there is very obviously being held over to the last book.

Last Theory Panel

The last WOT panel for JordanCon was billed as the Last Theory Panel Ever, but since A Memory of Light is not likely to be published before the next JordanCon it won’t be. It was the place to discuss anything that fans felt the previous panels didn’t touch on enough. The role of Lanfear/Cyndane in the next books and the degree to which Moridin is controlling her was a major topic of discussion.

I finished JordanCon quite exhausted but had a great time. The only thing I wish was that we all had more time to sit and chat.

Now I’m in New York for about a week to walk a lot, and visit museums and (book) shops. Less than 4 months until WorldCon in Reno!

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