Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Article Released: Wheel of Time Tricksters

By Linda

There are quite a few trickster figures in the Wheel of Time series and they are some of the most popular characters due to their daring and subversive, yet very human natures, and their power to enchant other characters and the reader. I’ve wanted to write an essay on them for over a year now and have finally done so. In it I describe the typical characteristics of trickster figures in myth and legend and how Jordan has incorporated them into his trickster characters Mat, Thom, Noal, Vanin, Fain, the Aelfinn and Eelfinn, and of course, Verin. Without their almost accidental abilities to twist events, dodge disaster, or get past boundaries, the Pattern of the Last Days and the books would be far worse off.

Since balance and boundaries are important themes in the Wheel of Time, I should briefly mention that the opposite of the cheeky tricksters, the anti-tricksters, if you like, would be the Ogier: also lovable, but in no way subversive, manipulative, suave or cunning. Tricksters are morally ambivalent and shamelessly or haplessly untrustworthy, and the Ogier are anything but that. If, for some reason, an Ogier changed to the extent of showing such characteristics that would be a trick indeed.

The Thirteenth Depository has also reached 1.5 million page views and the release of my Redressing the Balance and the Boundaries – Wheel of Time Tricksters essay celebrates that.


Veggie Daniel said...

Congratulations Linda!! Although I never post, I read this blog constantly and It never ceases to amaze me how amazing you and your contributors are. Thank you and here's to millions more!

Linda said...

Thank you very much Daniel. I'm really glad you enjoy the blog.