Friday, May 4, 2012

Another Blog Update

By Linda

On the flight over to the US for JordanCon, I researched a second parallel that Rand and Artur Hawkwing have in common. This is to the Great Khans, Genghis and Kublai in particular, and I've added it to the Rand essay. (The first common parallel being King Arthur.)


Asha'man Sage said...


I've been following your WoT blogs for some time now and love everything. I haven't stumbled across this idea yet, so I thought I'd run it by ya. If it's been discussed already sorry in advance.

RJ has always been about a balance in power between men and women in the series. Except for ta'veren, who seem to be primarily men.

However, when you read the books there are many not-so-obvious cases of the main females being clearly ta'veren. I haven't documented them all, but the more I re-read the series the more I see.

Some quick examples: the girls' rescue from the Stone of Tear; Min stumbling into Gawyn while trying to flee Tar Valon with Siuan and Leanne; Nynaeve being able to capture Lan's heart when it seemed likely no one else ever would (and then helping amass an army for him)...the list goes on and on.

Just food for thought. If no one has talked about it before it could reveal things for AMoL to explore this theory.

Anthony said...

Looking forward to your thoughts on the cover!

Linda said...

Anthony: they are coming in a couple of days!

Asha'man Sage: trouble is, we have a couple of characters that can see ta'veren - Siuan and Nicola. Neither ever remarks on these women temporarily glowing while doing their great deeds. RJ did say that there are minor women characters who are ta'veren, but he didn't show them to us, unfortunately.