Monday, July 16, 2012

A Memory of Light Predictions

By Linda

With feelings of anticipation tinged with a little sadness, it’s time I posted my predictions for the Last Book of the Wheel of Time. Since there is so much left to be resolved, and I won’t get another chance to Foretell, I have written double the number of previous predictions.

The list is a summary of predictions I’ve discussed in various articles (to which I've linked) plus new ones.

1. Aviendha tells the Aiel their choices: to fight in the Last Battle and be destroyed, or adopt the Way of Leaf and learn Singing. Some do one, some the other. Afterwards: the surviving fighters become a peace-keeping force for Rand’s pact between nations. (Those who adopt the Way already keep peace.) This causes huge ructions, including the exposure of some Aiel Darkfriends, eg Sorilea. Theory

2. Demandred brings his forces against the Light and against Moridin. They appear unexpectedly via the Ways. There is a contingent from Seanchan. Theory

3. Aes Sedai damane attack the White Tower as part of Seanchan strike force. The Aes Sedai are put in fear of their lives by the sul’dam in order to over-ride their Oath against using the One Power as a weapon. Theory

4. Tuon is forced to channel and this splits the Seanchan. Berelain is looked to by some as an alternative ruler. Three times in the books a woman has wished Berelain was shaved bald, and she may well be, which makes her look like one of the Imperial Family. Theory

5. The Ogier split over whether to open the Book of Translation. Loial's mother is a Darkfriend or is being manipulated by them to persuade the Ogier to leave and not fight at the Last Battle. Theory

6. Probably my oldest theory after Caemlyn being Camlann: Taim is Moridin (Theory). Logain strikes at Taim/Moridin, drives him out of the Black Tower, perhaps even kills him. One false Dragon deserves another. This is his glory that few men can achieve. Cadsuane may be there; she is the only Aes Sedai we know of has met both and with her ter’angreal can reveal Taim’s disguise.

7. Lanfear manages to unbalance Rand and make him dark again for a time. She is an expert at sending people mad. Look at Masema: she manipulated him from Falme until his death.

8. The shade of Rand’s mother Kari al’Thor makes an appearance, linking back to the end of The Eye of the World.

9. Rand with Callandor and Shaidar Haran wielding a black blade duel. Rand's third question to the Aelfinn was on how to avoid Breaking the World again, and using Callandor while linked with two women is the way to avoid that.

10. Egwene has united the opposition to Rand breaking the Seals, hence making it easier for him to identify and deal with them in one go. Rand not only expected her to, he wanted her to do so.

11. Javindhra and Desala are Black Ajah. They are part of the circle turning channellers to the Shadow at the Black Tower. Annoura is a Black sister with Perrin.

12. Laras knows where the Horn of Valere is. Egwene finally visits Laras as Verin asked, and is told. Theory

13. Rand has done five or six impossible things (cleansed saidin, destroyed the Shadar Logoth evil, broken a cuendillar a’dam while wearing it, channelled the True Power through his link to Moridin, destroyed a huge Shadowspawn army unaided by channelling as much saidin as should need a very strong sa’angreal, and made apples regrow on an entire orchard), so he has three or so remaining to do: cleanse the Ways, defeat the Dark One, and die but continue to live. Theory

14. The horn-handled dagger ter’angreal is used to hide Rand from the Shadow. Theory

15. The Red Ajah will police channellers after the Last Battle. Theory

16. Egwene dreamt that she would be saved by a Seanchan with a sword on her back. This could be Egeanin or Tylee. We don’t know how Tylee wears her sword. Egeanin wore one when she was a soldier, but she isn’t one now. However, she may well start wearing one again.

17. Raen’s remarks:

"In any case, I do not think the song could be found in a city... Sometimes I worry that they [the Aiel] might know the song, though I suppose it isn't likely."

- The Eye of the World, The Travelling People

are foreshadowing that Singing will be ‘rediscovered’ in the Aiel city of Rhuidean.

18. Tenobia dies, as does Davram Bashere, and so Faile and Perrin inherit the Broken Crown.

19. The other two of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will be more active: famine and pestilence. (Not that war or death are slacking off in any way.) Two notable period of history with bad plagues are the Black Death, which was at a time of terrible harvests, and the Great Plague of London which also had a Great Fire concurrently.

20. Mat’s opposite that he will fight is Padan Fain, the dark trickster of the series, while Perrin’s opposite is Isam. Isam is the Broken Wolf mentioned in the Shadow’s prophecy at the end of Towers of Midnight.

My son's predictions:

Moghedien will escape her mindtrap.

The Land of Madmen will feature in A Memory of Light.

Here are links to three articles on the loose ends of the series I wrote a few months ago:

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Anonymous said...

While I don't agree with all of these, there's valid logic behind each of them. Good food for thought.

I'll add some of my own.

Padan Fain as the buffer between the source and the Dark One, probably kills Rand with that dagger, during the eclipse.

Rand remains alive because of his bond to Min, Avi and Elayne, though the bond with Alanna will break. She will announce his death, after which Logain takes his place as leader of the White Tower. Rand is ok with this as it lets him fade into the background after everything's over.

Three on the boat refers to skimming, and Nynaeve needs all 3 bondholders present to heal Rand.

Anthony said...

I Iike the Berelain prediction. Just for the great foreshadowing.

How did you settle on Annoura?

I don't know if I see Moridin as Taim. Are you thinking that Demandred will kill Moridin? Since you don't predict Rand, Mat, or Perrin fighting him.

Linda said...

Anthony: I did say that I thought Logain will fight Taim/Moridin.

Annoura furthered Berelain's game to drive Perrin and Faile apart. She also twiddled her thumbs at Cadsuane when she met them and asked them if they were involved in the vileness after the Aiel War. Merana, who is also Grey and was definitely trying the keep the Grand Coalition together after the Aiel War, was surprised when Annura said that she was involved in that too, because she didn't think that Annoura was. Looks like Annoura lied.

Anthony said...

Yes, you did. My mistake. Thank you!

I think there's an Egwene dream or Min viewing that has Logain stepping over Rand's body prior to his glorification. I can see Logain beating a severely weakened Moridin but not in a straight up fight. And I don't think we've seen a s'angreal that could make up the gap other than the Chodan Kael and Callandor, which I assume will be unavailable to him. Should be interesting to see how it shakes out!

Linda said...

Anthony: That's true, and I think that the dream is linked to the glory that Min saw.

I don't see this as a straight "Who would win in a fight?" Logain doesn't have to be by himself. He has two women bonded to him with whom he can link. (So does Taim, if he's Moridin, but how cooperative will they be?) And Logain could link with others. Or someone could kindly hand him Rand's fat man angreal!

Anonymous said...

Where can I find Caemlyn being Camlann theory? Also, I just happened to have a movie channel on, and in the background I noticed a few books I immediately recognized. In the movie Wolf with Jack Nicholson (not a good movie btw), he is a book editor, and in a few scenes, The Eye of the World and The Dragon Reborn are clearly visible. I thought I saw Lord of Chaos, but it was out if focus. Anyone else ever noticed this?

Anonymous said...

Also, I think Taim will look like Rand via mask of mirrors, and when Logain defeats him, that's the "Logain stepping over Rand's dead body, laughing"

Linda said...

Anonymous: Caemlyn as Camlann was briefly outlined in
Origin of Place Names

some years ago. I am currently expanding it into a theory post article and hope to post it next week.

t ball said...

I almost hate reading these since, a)the series is coming to an end (mixed feelings about that), and, b)I sometimes wish I knew less of what will likely happen so the surprise is sweeter. I rest somewhat assured that there will indeed be surprises, though.

I'll add just one to the mix: Elayne's copies of Mat's ter'angreal will save her life, and perhaps that of Brigitte, too. The foreshadowing involving her flippancy toward's Min's vision will play out in this way, not in her death or mortal injury.

Anthony said...

Linda, based on your comments I'm suspicious of the possibility that Logain will pick up Callandor and use it, buffered by his two Aes Sedai. He's already set up with two women channelers and I don't see the fat man angreal being enough to put him over the top against Moridin. Of course Moridin is also well set- up to use Callandor buffered by two female channelers.

Linda said...

Anthony - But on the cover Rand is the character with Callandor. It may be used by more than one character in the last book, of course.

Anthony said...

I'm assuming more than one person, yes.

Did you say before that Rand will use the dagger Aviendha found that hides the wearer from the Dark One and creatures of the shadow? Because he has a dagger scabbard at his belt in the new cover.

Linda said...

Anthony: Yes I have a theory that Rand will use this dagger - or should do so.

Eric said...

I love the theories! I have two to add.

1. For all the talk of blood we have seen in the prophecies, rarely does it talk about the actual red stuff. "From the ancient blood raised by the old blood." That and the Aiel need a purpose. Now, "His blood on the rocks of Shayol Ghul, washing away the Shadow, sacrifice for man’s salvation." Rand's blood, the Aiel. Shayol Ghul, center of the blight. The Aiel's purpose, to cleanse the blight. Keeps 'em away from the Seanchan, too.

2. Perrin needs to be there for Rand twice. In the end, after all the people are done fighting, channelers channeling, demon Aiel demoning, Padens Faining, the last battle of the Last Battle will take place in Tel'aran'rhiod between Rand and Moridin. Rand will succeed, but will be lost and his body will look like it is dead. Perrin will need to find him (his soul? whatever is sent to TH) and return him to his body.

Adam said...

I have a tiny detail theory. It's actually not a theory. But... I BET Rand will sit at one table with Moiraine and Logain.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing things from people who are obviously as interested as I am where this series is concerned, and the scope of your blog is awe-inspiring.

That said, I have to wonder how much time you've actually spent reading the series (first and foremost), and if you've EVER read any of the Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson interviews.

Several of your theories have already been addressed and proven false in the series (up to book 13), and hints from the books and interviews make the others all but impossible.

For instance: Taim is not Moridin. It states outright in the books/glossaries, that Moridin is a reincarnation of Ishamael. A lot of people thought Taim might be Demandred, but RJ specifically debunked this in an interview.

You've also speculated that Loial's mother may be a darkfriend. There are several instances in the books where characters claim there are darkfriends in every society and among every social class. However, it is strongly hinted that Ogier either can't or won't be darkfriends. They are fundamentally opposed to everything the Dark One stands for, and furthermore, have no interest in power. Which is just about the only thing the Dark One could offer them.

Anonymous said...

You did pretty well on 6 of 20, by my count. Not bad at all.

Linda said...

Anon: thanks. I had forgotten to go back and check over these. I did better than I thought.