Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dagger with a Shadow Warding

When I made Aviendha's costume a few months ago, I intended to make the dagger ter'angreal that wards against the Shadow that she likes so much. Last weekend I finally did so, along with rebeading her necklace with silver thread.

The dagger is described as:

Aviendha fondled something she had retrieved from her belt pouch, a small dagger with a rough hilt of deerhorn wrapped in gold wire. It was also a ter'angreal, though Elayne had not been able to puzzle out what it did before pregnancy forced a halt to such studies. She had not known her sister was carrying the thing. Aviendha's eyes were almost dreamy as she stared at it. "Why does that fascinate you so?" Elayne asked. This was not the first time she had seen the other woman absorbed in that knife. Aviendha gave a start and blinked at the dagger in her hands. The iron blade—it looked like iron, at least, and felt almost like iron—had never been sharpened so far as Elayne could tell and was little longer than her palm, though wide in proportion. Even the point was too blunt for stabbing.

Knife of Dreams, A Different Skill

Aviendha's outfit is now complete.

Christmas Eve is well advanced here, and when my son finishes work in half an hour, we shall be on our way to visit relatives.

I wish all here a safe and happy festive season, and all the best for the New Year.


Fragrant Elephant said...

Happy holidays to you as well, Linda!

Anonymous said...

Looks good with the only caveat being the point of yours does look sharp enough to puncture if used to stab and Elaine describes it as too blunt. I had always envisioned it as a truncated spatha with rounded tip.

Although thinking of it now. I almost wonder if it was a stylized spade giving the hint of a gardening tool. Since "farmboys" will be the saviors from the shadow. Makes me wonder if a legend of a legend in the Age of Legends of Rand's time inspired a spade design motif for something to protect from the Shadow's view.

Either way I think it's excellent work!