Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Essay on Symbolism

By Linda

As I read A Memory of Light, I noticed that the climatic scenes had a lot of alchemical symbolism. In fact, I realised that the weaves of the One Power illustrate or act out alchemical operations.

So I've written an essay on Alchemical Symbolism throughout the series. And there's a lot of it, so it's a long essay and it contains SPOILERS for A Memory of Light. In some ways it's a whole different take on what happened in the books. Or why it happened. And it really does show why Rand is the Dragon, Sol and King, and why channelling and the Dragon go together.

And this is why I haven't posted much on the blog for the last few weeks. This essay took a while to research and write.

I've written other (shorter) essays on WOT symbolism:

It Does Add Up: Number Symbolism

Not Just the Dragon: Animal Symbolism

Now I'll be steadily updating articles for A Memory of Light and info from the booksignings.

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