Monday, April 21, 2014

Wheel of Time Parallels with Lord of the Rings Updated

By Linda

This last weekend, it was announced that The Wheel of Time series (14 books) has been nominated for a Hugo Award for best novel. (Here is the list of nominees.)

A complex series with many themes (listed here), one of them being the premise that real world history forms part of Wheel of Time myth and legend, and that Wheel of Time history is the origin of our own stories. Over the years I've written about the extensive parallels to Norse Mythology, Judeo-Christian religion, Hindu mythology and Chinese/Mongolian history - to name a few - in the series. As part of this there are various nods to Jordan's favoured books, including The Travels of Marco Polo, Dune, The Three Musketeers, the Narnia books, and The Lord of the Rings. The article on The Wheel of Time's parallels with The Lord of the Rings has now been updated for A Memory of Light. I'm currently working on the Narnia parallels.

New material is marked in bold.


Anonymous said...

Great article, Linda! Just one fix... you have "Mordeth was killed by Mat on the shops of Shayol Ghul".

Linda said...

Thanks! Ah auto spellchecker how I do not love thee.

I also added a paragraph that should have gone in.