Monday, June 1, 2009

The Great Hunt Read-Through #12 - 'Lesser' events at Falme

A couple of the 'lesser' events at Falme

by Linda

I just thought I'd take a quick look at a couple of interesting side-issues. They're not unimportant: particularly Verin ensuring events were consistent with the Karaethon Cycle. Not that I'm that keen on self-fulfilling prophecies! But still.

The Whitecloaks at Falme

The Whitecloaks rushed on the Seanchan because he believed that Perrin would warn them that Whitecloaks had arrived. Bornhald led the Whitecloaks into what he knew was a hopeless charge and one he would not survive:

It was too soon, the town too far, but he drew his sword - a clatter of scabbards ran down the rank of his half legion - and called, "The legion will advance at a trot."
The fog covered everything, now, but he knew Falme was still there, ahead. The pace of the horses picked up; he could not see them, but he could hear.
Abruptly the ground ahead flew up with a roar, showering him with dirt and pebbles. From the white blindness to his right he heard another roar, and men and horses screamed, then from his left, and again. Again. Thunder and screams, hidden by the fog.
"The legion will charge!" His horse leaped forward as he dug in his heels, and he heard the roar as the legion, as much of it as still lived, followed.
Thunder and screams, wrapped in whiteness.

- The Great Hunt, The Grave Is No Bar to My Call

This charge of the Children of the Light parallels the famous charge of the Light Brigade.

Verin's Input

The consequences of Verin being in Falme: if Verin had not been there, Rand would not have convinced only five to go to Falme, and there would have been no extra Aes Sedai to take Mat and the girls back to Tar Valon. Mat would have died. Verin helped shape the Pattern and fulfill prophecy by making sure only five went to Falme. Their raid was successful and they were able to drive the Seanchan back, allowing the women to escape.

I wonder whose idea it was for Verin to take the Horn of Valere back to the Tower? Verin seems most likely.


MN said...

I still maintain she pulls the "five will ride forth" thing out of her ass. Seriously, that was an obviously convenient prophecy.

Anonymous said...

RJ may have also been thinking of Pickett's charge at Gettysburg, although I agree The Charge of the Light Brigade is closer (Pickett's charge was an infantry charge, whereas Bornhold's and TCotLB were cavalry charges)

Linda said...

Well General Lee, who ordered the charge is a parallel of Gareth Bryne, so maybe that charge will be at Tar Valon when the Seanchan attack.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the prophecy along the lines of five ride forth, four return? Seems a bit too specific if she was just making it up.

Linda said...

No she didn't make it up. It is mentioned as one of the Prophecies by others.

Verin helped fulfill it.